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Post-pregnancy body: when you are thinner after childbirth

The post-pregnancy pounds are one of the inconveniences of pregnancy that weighs the most on young mothers, who are uncomfortable with their new figure. If many women do not spare their efforts to find the line after baby, some, on the contrary, suffer from having lost too much weight after giving birth. But, for fear of criticism, they often prefer to be silent. Indeed, in a society where beauty dictates advocate thinness, it is a taboo subject. These young mothers often feel misunderstood.

« In just 3 weeks, I lost all my pregnancy pounds », Explains Emilie. “ I swam completely in my clothes. I felt like I was a little girl. It was very difficult to bear: I had become a mother, a woman … but what I saw in the mirror did not correspond to my new status. I had lost all my femininity '.

For her part, Laura shares the same feeling. ” I have three children, and with each of my pregnancies, I gained about twenty kilos, which I lost immediately after giving birth. The problem is that with each birth I became even thinner than before. Lisaks drastic change in my chest, which I had to redo – my skin having distended – I felt bad in my body », She explains. ” Today, my youngest is 7 years old, and it is only now that I am starting to put on weight a little. With three young children, fatigue certainly contributed to this weight loss. '.

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Indeed, as explained by Dr. Cassuto, endocrinologist and nutritionist, women can lose weight quickly and significantly, ” when they are overwhelmed ». However, the specialist admits that there is, to date, no real scientific explanation for these significant weight losses after childbirth. Some women gain little weight during pregnancy because it is their nature, or because they have suffered from severe vomiting. ” When we remove the weight of the baby, the water and the placenta: we reach 7 kilos ”, explains Dr. Cassuto. ” With lack of sleep and dietary changes, one can lose it very quickly. Not to mention stress, which changes fat storage », She emphasizes. In addition, resuming tobacco after childbirth can also play a role.

Weight loss after baby: every woman has her metabolism

During pregnancy, doctors usually advise expectant mothers to take between 9 and 12 kilos. Some women will take a little more, others less. It should also be noted that each new pregnancy causes, on average, a weight gain of 0,4 to 3 kg lasting twelve months after birth. However, Doctor Cassuto insists every woman is different. " Pregnancy changes metabolism and can also affect muscle mass », She specifies. There is therefore no point in comparing yourself to the girlfriend who has also just given birth. By the way, the mother’s age can also play a role. ” The younger you are, the better the weight regulation “, Emphasizes the specialist.

Weight loss after pregnancy: does breastfeeding really make you lose weight?

Contrary to what we are used to hearing, it is not breastfeeding in itself that makes you lose weight. As Dr. Cassuto explains, “ during pregnancy, women store fat. Breastfeeding then draws on these fats. Women actually lose weight when they stop breastfeeding. She must also have breastfed for three months to observe this thinning. “. But be careful, it depends on the women, Laura not having breastfed any of her 3 children, and Emilie having breastfed her daughter for only two months. However, both have lost weight more than they wanted.

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Breastfeeding can nevertheless be associated with weight loss insofar as the young mother pays more attention to her diet., try to eat healthy. This obviously has an impact on his line.

Post-baby weight loss: thinking about yourself and learning to accept yourself

« Young mothers are often focused on the mother-baby couple, and that’s okay, but it can wear them out », Explains the specialist. “ To try to stop this weight loss, which is inconvenient for some, you have to encourage them to take time for themselves, even if this is not always easy. Breastfeeding mothers can try to express their milk, and thus pass the baton to dad », Indicates the endocrinologist. In addition, young mothers should not hesitate to ask those around them for help. In short, we must also think of ourselves… even if Baby occupies most of our time. Finally, it is important to learn to assume yourself as you are and to accept the fact that, in any case, motherhood transforms a woman’s body.

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