Toit: mida ma söön, et detox teha?


To regain energy and purify your body after excess food, we do a detox. On the menu: diuretic foods to regenerate from the inside.

Fatigue, bloating, dull complexion, nausea… What if our body needed a detox? Indeed, these symptoms may be indicative of an overflow. When we consume too much fat, sugar or alcohol, the kidneys and liver, responsible for eliminating toxins, work harder and risk saturating. So quickly, let’s go green!

Purify your body

We adopt the detox reflex over a short period: one day a week, one day a month, several days, once or twice a year… Never too long, because by excluding certain foods, there is a risk of deficiencies. Better to avoid monodieties and fasting which put a strain on the body. For promote the elimination of toxins : we drink 1,5 liters to 2 liters of water per day. “We must consume enough fruits and vegetables to stimulate the cleansing action of the liver and kidneys, advises Dr Laurence Benedetti, micronutritionist *. Preferably organic to limit pesticides. If they are poorly digested, they are cooked in a wok or steamed. “

To restore our body to new, we moderately consume fatty, sweet and salty foods. And to rest our intestines, we reduce dairy and wheat-rich foods for a few days. We favor proteins that are easy to digest : white meats and fish. And we walk at least 30 to 45 minutes a day, to activate the blood circulation and therefore expel toxins. We go to the hammam, the sauna and we offer massages that help the body to evacuate waste. Quickly, we feel the benefits of this great cleaning : more pep, a clearer complexion, better digestion, a less bloated belly. To help, we rely on foods that are champions of elimination.

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With its slightly sweet taste, the artichoke gives a real boost in a detox. It works at all stages of fat elimination by stimulating the liver and gallbladder. And for a booster effect, there are solutions and capsules to purify yourself from the inside.


It is the detox spice star! She stimulates the liver and gallbladder while being antioxidant. To take full advantage of its benefits and optimize its assimilation, turmeric must be mixed with a fatty substance, a vegetable oil for example, and black pepper.


White or red, chicory has diuretic virtues which boost the elimination of toxins by the kidneys. Ideal for a draining effect that will help you dislodge cellulite at the same time. But that’s not all. She is rich in selenium. A powerful antioxidant, useful in fighting free radicals produced by the body when it eliminates toxins.

Detox: Lucie’s testimony 

For several months now, I have been taking lemon juice on an empty stomach every morning, and I feel great. And when I forgot to buy myself lemons, I have a craving, and start the day more difficult. ” Lucy



Delicious in herbal tea, liquorice can also be used in powder to flavor sauces or dessert creams. It is super effective for stimulate the liver and kidneys. But in case of hypertension, it is better to consume it in moderation.

Punased puuviljad

Strawberries, raspberries, currants … are rich in polyphenols including ellagic acid, a super strong antioxidant that acts on the liver. To choose frozen in this season and to add to its applesauce or pears. Or to incorporate into smoothies. For a balanced drink, mix 2 tbsp. tablespoons of red fruits and 1 vegetable with 200 ml of water, coconut water or vegetable milk. And, for a satiating effect, add chia seeds. To be consumed with breakfast or at 16 pm …

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No red berries on the shelves yet? Frozen, they do very well!


These small green bouquets are full of sulfur substances which stimulate the purifying functions of the liver. In addition, they promote the production and evacuation of bile which allows seedida rasvu. A great ally to eat!


Good habit to adopt immediately: drink lemon juice with a little lukewarm water in the morning on an empty stomach. Don’t make a face, after the first few days you will get used to it. And you will feel like you are purifying yourself from within. Ideal for facilitate digestion, soothe constipation problems and stimulate the liver. In addition, thanks to its good vitamin C content, you gain pep. What to have a vitamin awakening!


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