Millal lõpetada rasestumisvastased vahendid, et rasestuda?


How long does it take to get pregnant after stopping the pill?

Teoorias, võimalus viljastamine appears from the first ovulation after stopping the pill. However, if some women get pregnant quickly, the majority of those who take this contraception will have to wait several months … It is nature that decides! In 2011, a large study conducted by the European Program for Active Surveillance of Oral Contraceptives (Euras-OC), among 60 women, concluded that pill use did not reduce fertility. The time to achieve pregnancy after stopping contraception corresponded to the average time observed in other women. Contrary to popular belief, the survey also showed that the duration of taking the pill also had no influence on the chances of pregnancy.

Märge: stopping the pill may cause some kõrvaltoimeid according to women, such as acne, weight gain, headaches. Most of the time, these effects go away quickly.

Should we stop the pill several months before conception?

On this point, specialists have long been divided: some doctors previously advised to wait a few menstrual cycles before trying to conceive a baby, until “ the machine starts up again “. They believed that the quality of the lining of the uterus was better after several ovulations. Consequence: the implantation of the embryo or nidation was favored.

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Today, it is proven that women who become pregnant immediately after stopping the pill have no more risk of miscarriage than those who become pregnant months or years after stopping their contraception. hormonal. Generally speaking, the use of the pill before pregnancy has no influence on the course of the pregnancy nor on the fetus.

Being pregnant after removing an IUD

Whether copper or hormonal, the IUD, or intrauterine device (IUD) can be removed by a general practitioner or by a gynecologist at any time. In principle, removing an IUD is not painful and very quick. Cycles immediately return to “normal” after having a copper IUD removed, since it is a method of mechanical contraception. So you can get pregnant very quickly.

However, it may take longer for the menstrual cycle to return after removing a hormonal IUD. Because the hormonal IUD acts locally in the uterine lining, which is “atrophied” to prevent implantation of an embryo. It is therefore not excluded that it will take a few months for the endometrium to be ready to receive a fertilized egg. But pregnancy from the first menstrual cycle following the removal of a hormonal IUD is not impossible either.

Baby project: when to consult after stopping the pill or removing the IUD?

Regardless of the method of contraception used before the baby plan, it is advisable to consult a gynecologist if no pregnancy has occurred after one year of regular sexual intercourse. It is also advisable to consult if the menstrual cycles do not return to normal and are not regular several months after stopping the pill or the IUD.

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Baby project: a small medical check-up is required

You have a desire for a child. Remember to consult your gynecologist or general practitioner to be sure you are in good health before starting the baby tests. In theory, this appointment must be made even before stopping your contraception. This is the preconception consultation. On this occasion, your doctor will check your medical history and will certainly order a blood test to check that you are immune to toxoplasmosis and rubella. Health also depends on vaccine verification. This meeting is also an opportunity to ask all your questions about the conception of a baby or pregnancy.

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