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The end of evaluations in CE2?

Since this new school year, the famous “evaluations” at the entrance of CE2 have been abandoned. From now on, the CE1 and CM2 classes will have to bottom out at the start of the year …

Since 1989, the CE2 diagnostic evaluations aimed to provide teachers with a sort of “tool” which allows them to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their class, after the summer holidays and at the start of the school year. in a new educational cycle.

But for the start of the 2007/2008 school year, everything changes. For the first time, national diagnostic evaluation protocols at school (CE1 and CM2) are being put in place to take stock at the start of the last year of cycles 2 and 3. Like the old evaluations, the aim of this new measure is to detect pupils’ difficulties and help them achieve the objectives of the famous knowledge base.

First attempt in 2004

Some CE1 students had also been “assessed” in 2004. This was a test conducted by the Ministry of National Education. We must believe that the result was conclusive since the device is now extended to all of France.

In CE1, reading and mathematics are the two main subjects on which schoolchildren must now work, generally in mid-September. Thus, the “teacher” or mistress of your child will know how to identify from the beginning of the year the children who do not have reading difficulties, those who encounter slight or moderate difficulties and those who encounter significant difficulties.

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For CM2, the objective is to allow the teacher to check the achievements and at the end to proceed to any orientations. “These evaluations are above all a tool for teachers, they allow us to better understand the difficulties of the children, and therefore to readjust the class work.“, Underlines Sandrine, teacher.

Whatever the level of the child, in the event of gaps, the teacher will set up a “personalized educational success program” (PPRE) so that he can catch up. This measure is intended, among other things, to avoid repetition at the end of the cycle.

Tulemuste tõlgendamine

Ja vanemad?

Don’t expect a global report on your child’s grade level. You will probably not know the results until a summons by the teacher, if your child is in difficulty. This meeting will above all be an opportunity to discuss the problems encountered by your toddler and to decide together on individual solutions for upgrading. This personalized educational success program is obviously about dealing with gaps as early as possible to avoid academic failure. “It is indeed through various support systems adapted to each individual’s needs that all students will have the best chances of acquiring the knowledge, skills and attitudes of each pillar of the common base.“, Specifies the circular for the start of the 2007 academic year.

French: can do better!

The French evaluations of September 2005 revealed some “gaps” among young readers.

– Knowledge of “little words” needs to be deepened: if the spelling of “with”, like “and” plus “is mastered by more than seven out of ten students, that of” then “,” always “,” also ” is less assured!


– Verb agreement is only mastered by 20% of children, who do not hesitate to put an “s” rather than an “nt” to mark the plural of the verb.

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