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Easter stuffing

In front of me, three egg cups.

In the three egg cups,

Three eggs laid upright!

This one is made of wood:

I won’t taste it!

But it’s soft against my cheek.

This one is open …

Knock-knock, it’s the soft boiled egg,

That I eat with a teaspoon.

This one is chocolate:

This is the egg that I prefer.

I keep it for my dessert.

Francoise Bobe


A hen on a wall

A hen on a wall

Laid fourteen fresh eggs.

But while she was laying eggs,


The August sun baked them.

A hen on a wall

Has hatched fourteen hard-boiled eggs.


Chickens came out

As hard as pebbles.

Barely born, they rolled

Heavily down to the stream

Despite their mother’s cries

Weeping at the water’s edge.

It is since then that we see,

Mad still in disarray,

A hen on a wall

That nibbles hard bread,

It is since then that we see

– Picoti and Picota –

A hen that a hundred times

Climb the wall and jump down.

Chocolate peach

In the small flat basket

Chocolate fries

I fished a whole meal.

A shrimp and a pike,

A mussel and a mullet,

A whale and a shark,

A star and a sea urchin,

A lobster and a turtle

I ate everything raw!

Corinne Albaut

Hen up, hen down

Hen up, hen down,

A hen that hardly lays eggs,

Hen up, hen down,

Hen that does not lay eggs.

Soft-boiled egg, egg in the snow,

Poached egg, fried egg,

Mushroom omelette,

Hen up, hen down,

Hen that hardly answers,

Topic Veel teemast:  Need staaride lapsed on oma vanemate sarnased!

Hen up, hen down,

Hen that does not respond.

The hen

1, 2, 3,

4, 5, 6,

7, 8, 9

I count to nine,

Before I lay my egg.

1, 2, 3,

4, 5, 6

If I count to six,

My egg is gingerbread.

1, 2, 3,

If I count to three,

My egg is chocolate.

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