My child’s first Halloween


Halloween: what costume for my child?

In trade. You can buy kid-friendly (anti-allergenic) makeup sets and ready-made costumes from traditional toy chains. Some points of sale: Fnac Eveil et Jeux, La Grande Récré, Toys R’Us, Nature et Découvertes, or even Apache. Let’s also mention the discount store chain Gifi, which offers a range of cool and inexpensive foods for Halloween. Without forgetting the specialized sites, such as, Brin d’folie or Fêtes par fête.

Do it yourself: the disguises. You can make your costumes yourself, for nothing! A piece of crepe paper with a hole in the middle for the head, a belt at the waist, and here is a wizard’s robe! For a ghost, all you need is an old sheet with two eye holes! For a skeleton, draw bones in chalk on black clothes or cut them out of white sticky paper. To disguise your child as a pumpkin, take a large orange T-shirt whose bottom you will tighten with an elastic and two large pillows that you will secure with a belt on each side of the back, as well as a pair of orange tights.

Makeup side. To make your little princess a witch, spread a layer of white makeup on her face and neck and sprinkle it all with white, lilac or pale green powder (all three making the complexion white). Then paint her lips a very dark black or purple. For the eyes: mascara, eye shadow and black pencil. Thrills guaranteed! To make your guy a larger-than-life devil, paint his face red, line his eyes with black, draw him a goatee and paint his lips black. Two charcoal cardboard tips glued to a headband will make two magnificent horns!

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Make your Halloween party a success

A pumpkin lantern. No Halloween party without it. To make it, cut out the top of a pumpkin, scoop it out with a large spoon, cut out two triangle-shaped eyes and a mouth (with one or more teeth), then attach a small candle to it. inside. All that remains is to turn it on.

Awful and funny decorations. For the occasion, change your “home sweet home” into an old dilapidated house! Spider webs and dust (talc or cocoa powder…) will be welcome. Multiply the colorful candle holders, which will create a warm atmosphere. Favor friendly characters, such as little ghosts or paper or fabric bats, which you hang in the four corners of your dining room.

A “taste of death”. To transform the snack into a real witch’s feast, you can, for example, bake a chocolate cake with a melted chocolate spider on top, with licorice sticks for the legs. Make ghost-shaped meringues (with candied fruit eyes). Or prepare candy skewers with wooden sticks. For cocktails, the classic strawberry and mint water, renamed for the occasion as “vampire and witch serum”.

Your questions about Halloween

My 5 year old son is all excited about Halloween but is a bit cowardly?

In terms of decoration and disguises, avoid details that are too “gory” (severed hands, fake blood…) or too terrifying (vampire heads, living dead?) At least as long as he is not lying down!

What to plan for the candy tour?

It is often the highlight of the party for children. Accompany him, well wedged on your shoulder or in his stroller, to ring the doorbell of the neighborhood, shouting: “Candy or a spell!”. Prepare him a small basket or a plastic bag, in which he will pile his treats like so many treasures.

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To find out more, find other ideas, buy.

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