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Manga without violence, it’s possible!

Bookstore shelves, small and large screens, kiosks, specialty stores… manga is everywhere. Known for their violent or erotic nature, manga actually brings together a multitude of different genres for adults or children. Hence the need to sort …

Some little gems on the screen

Arrived in France in the 80s with Albator or Candy, manga totally invaded France in 1993 with Dragon Ball Z. The programs of this second wave (The Knights of the Zodiac, Ken the Survivor…), even partially censored, are quickly considered too violent and for good reason, they are still very popular with… adults. Fortunately, the manga currently broadcast on the small screen are more of the kind Princess Sarah or The mysterious cities of gold. Newcomers, like Full metal alchimist or Detective Conan, combine intrigue and humor, without unnecessary barbarity. The manga universe is also home to some amazing feature films, including My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away (Golden Bear 2002 at the Berlin Film Festival), from the famous Miyazaki, The Kingdom of Cats, and, more recently, Kié, the little one. plague.

BD: Parental control compulsory! 

Let it be said, the themes covered in manga comics, from martial arts to the first stories of the heart, are more aimed at teenagers. The drawings, in black and white, often combine scenes of fights and nudity. What’s more, the reading is done Japanese style, from right to left and starting from the end. So the manga comic book, it will wait a bit! Note, however, a few exceptions: Detective Conan (from 10 years old) or Prince of tennis (from 8 years old) on the boy side, and Princess Saphirou Unico, the little Unicorn on the girls side. A small selection that will prevent you from leafing through the hundreds of titles on the market.

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But what does “Manga” mean?

In Japan, the term simply means “comic strip”. In France, it encompasses everything related to the famous Japanese pencil stroke: the same action drawn from several angles, reminiscent of the movement of cameras in cinema, or the large eyes of the characters – inspired by drawings by Walt Dysney and more particularly look, so endearing, of Dumbo …

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