Kuidas valida rasedust?


What criteria should be taken into account when choosing maternity?

Maternity safety

The choice of your maternity hospital is first of all conditioned by the nature of your pregnancy. There are 3 types of maternity hospitals:

Level I maternities 

They are reserved for non-pathological pregnancies, ie without any apparent risk of complications. 90% of future mothers are affected. 

Level II maternities 

These establishments monitor “normal” pregnancies, but also those of expectant mothers whose children will undoubtedly need special monitoring at birth. They have a neonatal unit.

Level III maternities

These maternities thus have a neonatal unit, located in the same establishment as the obstetrics department, but also a neonatal resuscitation unit. They therefore welcome women in whom great difficulties are feared (severe hypertension. They can also take care of newborns requiring very important care, such as weeks or babies who have serious vital distress (fetal malformation). 

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Geographical proximity to the maternity ward

Having a maternity clinic close to home is an advantage that should not be overlooked. You will realize this from the first months, when it will be necessary to juggle professional appointments and prenatal visits (if these take place in the maternity ward)! But above all, you will avoid an interminable and particularly painful journey at the time of childbirth … Finally, once Baby is born, think about the many back and forth trips that Dad will have to make!

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Teadma :

The current trend in public assistance is to reduce the number of local maternity clinics, especially in small towns, in order to direct women to maternity clinics equipped with a large technical platform and carrying out a large number of deliveries. It is certain that the more births there are in a maternity hospital, the more experienced the team. Which is not negligible “just in case” …

Maternity comfort and services

Do not hesitate to visit several maternities and check that the services offered meet your expectations:

  • Can Dad be present during the birth if he wishes?
  • What is the average length of stay in the maternity ward after childbirth?
  • Is it possible to get a single room?
  • Is breastfeeding encouraged?
  • Can you benefit from the advice of a pediatric nurse or perineum rehabilitation sessions after birth?
  • What are the maternity hospital visiting hours?

The price of a birth varies depending on the maternity hospitals!

If the maternity ward is approved and for a normal pregnancy, your expenses will be fully reimbursed by social security and mutual insurance (excluding telephone, single room and television options). In any case, remember to get a quote to avoid unpleasant surprises!


A maternity ward advised by a third party

You will certainly be more confident in a maternity hospital that we have strongly recommended to you: ask your doctor for advice general practitioner or your liberal midwife who will be able to guide you all the better if he knows you well. If your gynecologist specializes in obstetrics, why not choose the maternity unit where he practices?

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