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Pregnant, resplendent hair!

During pregnancy, it is best to avoid chemical dyes that can cause allergies. Vegetable coloring is an excellent alternative to enhance the shine of your hair and hide possible first gray hair. First learn how to distinguish it well, because many colorings (to be done at home or at the hairdresser) claim the naturalness, while they involve oxidation processes. Always certified organic, the vegetable colors of organic stores and sites are free from any synthetic ingredient. Composed of dye plants (henna, turmeric, indigo, walnut or oak bark, rhubarb root, hibiscus …), their plant pigments do not penetrate into the hair fiber, but bind to its surface and strengthen it, thus avoiding the Long-term drying out and root effect.

The vegetable coloring acts gently: it tints transparently, without erasing the base color, and provides reflections, without risk of a “headphone” effect. As it coats the hair fiber, the hair gains in volume. But with it it is impossible to lighten the hair. For the first time, start by making a clay or rassoul mask, to detoxify your hair and rid it of chemical residues from styling foods and especially silicones and various care agents that prevent color setting. Or, better yet, make an appointment with a hairdresser specializing in plants, who will concoct a custom color, to achieve it at home afterwards. Allow between 30 minutes and 2 hours of exposure time, depending on the desired result and the structure of your hair (fine and straight, they “set” faster). According to Charley, creator of Bio Coiff ‘*: “Today, vegetable coloring makes it possible to camouflage all gray hair. It should be renewed every 5-6 weeks on average. “

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Discover the “low poo” shampoos

To maintain your color, a new generation of washing creams, very little foaming, born from the fashion of “no poo” (contraction of “no shampoo”). Formulated with few cleaning agents and many nourishing and moisturizing ingredients (vegetable oils, vitamins, etc.), they replace all skin care foods. You will gain a supple material, with a voluptuous touch!

* Biocoiff ‘: 5, rue des Ciseaux, 75006 Paris, tel. 01 43 26 77 77, and 19, place Jeanne d’Arc, 75013 Paris, tel. 01 45 85 91 09 (organic vegetable coloring including detoxification from 108 € the first session).

  • /

    100% Vegetable Coloring Care – Logona

    € 12,95, 10 colors

  • /

    Vegetable Coloring Cream, Logona

    € 21,95, 5 shades, ready to use

  • /

    Herbal Tincture, Khadi

    € 12,95, 8 ready-to-use shades

  • /

    100% Vegetable Hair Color Indian Dawn Earth of Color

    € 15,20, 6 ready-to-use colors

  • /

    Cleansing Conditioner Cleansing Conditioner, Biolage Matrix

    25 € (in salon)

  • /

    Low Shampoo Delicate Cleansing Cream, Yves Rocher

    6,60 €

  • /

    Flower Cream, Léonor Greyl

     21,85 €

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    Expert Repair Shampoo, Melvita

    12,90 €

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    Shampoo Cream, Opalis

    31 €

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