Once upon a time … Moonlite magic! The story projector that makes bedtime magical!


Why is the evening story so important?

Rituals have the happy virtue of making children safer. Like bathing and brushing teeth, the evening story is a ritual that ends a day full of adventures. It helps your child to get into sleep peacefully and stay alone all night in bed. In addition, your child shares a privileged moment of intimacy with you. This moment of sharing allows you to find this reassuring and exclusive bond with your parents, in peace.

Stories also help to grow well, they stimulate the imagination, allow the discovery of new words and expressions. They improve the attention span and give the taste of reading. Yes, all of that!

Moonlite, an original alternative

This smartphone story projector is a great alternative to the paper book, without replacing it of course, but which skilfully combines tradition and technology.

Just imagine… The wall or ceiling of the bedroom bears the backdrops of the story as you scroll. Your child will marvel at the beautiful illustrations projected in large format while you (and only you, not your little one!) Hold and look at the phone to read the story. Add to that sound effects full of humor, colors enhanced by the darkness of the room … The magic of the immersive experience is there. We love !

We like the choice of stories for children: classic tales as well as more recent stories like Pierre Lapin, Monsieur Costaud and many others.

Topic Veel teemast:  Miss Prantsusmaa emadus 2002

Other more, during the story, your child gradually gets used to the darkness of his room which makes it easier to fall asleep and the projector is easily carried off during the holidays.

Kuidas see toimib?

Ultra simple and quick to install… a real child’s play!

  1. You get the pack of your choice containing the projector and stories.
  2. You download the free app.
  3. You enter the code provided in the pack.
  4. You insert the disc corresponding to the story of your choice into the Moonlite projector.
  5. You clip the projector onto your smartphone. It projects the story through the flash light of the phone.
  6. You read and activate the sound effects for an even more magical story!

We guarantee that your child will be impatiently awaiting their evening story… and so will you!

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