In a blue kingdom, a king mourns for losing his wife. Before dying, this one had made him promise to remarry only with a woman superior to her in grace and in beauty. Only one woman in the whole kingdom fits this description: her daughter.

But the Lilac fairy is watching: no, no, no, you can’t get married to your daddy! The poor princess is therefore obliged to flee from her poor daddy, disguised as a slut and dressed in donkey skin. His journey reaches the border of the Red Kingdom, where a Prince Charming lives.

Autor: Jacques Demy

Publisher: Cine-Aamaris

Vanusevahemik: 4-6 aastat

Toimetaja märkus: 10

Toimetaja arvamus: What splendor! In this DVD edition, Jacques Demy’s classic rediscovers all the colors that the multiple TV reruns had worn out. The magic is intact: roses speak, donkeys drench gold coins, and moon-colored dresses sparkle with a thousand lights. That’s not all! The bonuses are up to the task: they were hand-knitted by Agnès Varda, filmmaker and author of Cléo de 5 à 7, Daguerreotypes, du Bonheur…, and wife of Jacques Demy. Her generous and sincere gaze thus brings to this DVD the moving warmth of a tribute to the work of her husband.

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