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Child: 30 activities without screen

Soon the holidays, cool! We put away the iPad or the game console, and we put on the slow attitude, with super easy ideas to achieve at home or outside. You will see, they will love it! And you too…

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    DIY like daddy

    It is possible from 3 years old. On condition that you choose suitable tasks, specific tools and respect the safety instructions. Children can help paint, sort parts or tools, draw lines… Around 4-5 years old, they can measure, screw… Naturally, crafts must always be done in the presence of an adult. And in order not to demotivate the youngest, do not focus too much on the result of their achievements.

    Tips and advice on monechelle.fr. From 3 years old.

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    We do theater!

    Come on, let’s transform the wall of his room into a shadow theater scene! With the complete kit of MaCocoBox, we create characters in Chinese shadows thanks to the pre-cut shapes and wooden sticks. And we bring them to life with the Dynamo lamp provided in the box. It only remains to imagine pretty stories.

    Creative kit “Shadows & Lights”, € 15 on macocobox.com. From 3 years old.

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    A Photoboothparty

    Very trendy to liven up birthday parties, we divert the concept to have fun with the family and take a picture of ourselves by dressing up with accessories mounted on chopsticks: glasses, fake mustache, tie, beard… Make way for fantasy! Safe bets: themed kits: princess, pirate …

    My little day.fr, from € 7; Selfie Booth, Joué Club, € 19,99. From 4 years old.

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    Picking at the farm

    The principle: collect salads, radishes, turnips yourself… then pay for the harvest by weight. The opportunity for the youngest to see how fruits and vegetables grow, and to spend an afternoon in the countryside.

    To find a pick-up near you: chapeaudepaille.fr

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    Tribal board games

    Ideal for boosting concentration and a sense of observation while having fun with the family, Loto, Memory, Petits Chevaux… always appeal to the youngest. Some traditional board games are available in a baby version with a shorter playing time and simplified rules.

    20 classic games Monsieur Madame, Aby Smile, € 19,99. From 4 years old. My first Mille Bornes, Dujardin, € 26. From 4 years old.

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    Make-up like a tiger, princess, pirate, witch …

    Make way for the imagination to achieve impressive makeup in minutes with Namaki kits. There are all the necessary materials: eyeshadows, brush, sponges, and an instruction booklet with many models. The advantages: organic foods, without pesticides, without allergens, without GMOs …

    Namaki kits, from € 9,90. From 3 years old.

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    Plasticine workshop

    “Shaun the Sheep” is a hit at the movies. And the young fans are using plasticine to reproduce the characters of this animated film, all made of this material. Good idea, make your own modeling clay. It’s super simple: a little flour, salt, yeast … 

    Follow the recipe on momes.net. From 2 years old.

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    Life size activity mats

    The sheet is unfolded (1 mx 1,50 m), and the children follow the directions for playing games (finding animals, getting out of a labyrinth, etc.) and artistic activities (drawing, coloring, etc.). When it’s finished, it can be displayed as a poster in the bedroom. Several themes: the human body, animals, Paris …

    Ed. Actes Sud Junior, € 9,50. From 5 years old.

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    Suurepärane aardejaht!

    To organize an exciting game, download the “ready-to-play” kit from the chassotresor.net site and let yourself be guided to hide the clues in the house or the garden and animate the treasure hunt with challenge cards … We like: these games are 100% made in France and handmade. Choose from dozens of themes (mermaids, magicians, knights, etc.) by age group for 4-12 year olds.

    Chasotresor.net kits. From € 9,99. From 4 years old.

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    Long live graffiti!

    With these chalks in bombs, ultra-practical to handle, we engrave on the walls of the garden, the sidewalks or in the courtyard. And it fades in the rain!

    Buskrijt at Etsy.com, € 33 per set of 3. From 5 years old

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    It’s the pompom!

    The art of pompoms is back in fashion. Chic, it reminds us of our childhood! In addition, you don’t need to be an expert: a piece of cardboard cut into circles, you wrap around the woolen thread and you just have to cut out the outline. It is done ! For those who want to create barrettes, key rings… A brilliant book to find inspiration.

    “Workshop pompoms, so pretty, so easy!”, Ed. Two golden roosters, € 6,90. From 4 years old.

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    The pleasures of gardening

    To teach your child the basics of gardening, show them how to germinate beans or lentils on damp cotton. In 3 or 4 days, the roots and stems start to grow. Offer him plantings on his scale by choosing small planters or by delimiting a corner in the garden. Choose tools (rake, shovel, etc.) made of plastic and with round ends. Let him handle the potting soil with his bare hands or with gloves suitable for his size. To complete the outfit: boots, an apron and an outfit that can get dirty. Finally, select plants that grow quickly (radish with round roots, peas, nasturtiums, etc.) or that are already in bloom, or even with leaves (salads, tomatoes, etc.) because it is difficult for a toddler to wait. several weeks that a stem emerges. Not a lot of room on the windowsill? Think of bulbs (tulip, narcissus…), cherry tomatoes and aromatic plants.

    Tomato seeds for sowing, From 3,50 euros Nature and discoveries

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    Magic bubbles

    It’s THE new fashionable accessory: we blow through a circle to make lots of bubbles, then, after a few seconds, we can stack them on top of each other to make a tower or give them funny shapes.

    Stack’Bulles, Lansay, € 4,50. From 3 years old.

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    We sort the toys …

    The ones, of course, that he no longer plays with, or the books “from when he was little.” No question of forcing him to part with his favorite games, only to select those that are no longer useful. Then we give them to an association (Emmaüs, the Restos du cœur, the Secours Populaire…) or to hospitals. A ba that will make a lot of little ones happy.

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    Redecorate your room

    We put cheerfulness and color on the walls with the repositionable stickers. Aesthetic, they can be installed in a jiffy and come off just as easily to change the decor as you wish.

    We fell in love with the Flemish models of Mimi’lou. 12 € the kite 10.

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    Everyone at the show: Disney Live, the Mickey Mouse band!

    A musical show that brings together the favorite characters of toddlers: Minnie, Aladdin, Buzz Lightyear… All on pop, rock and reggae music. It swings! On tour in France.

    From € 19. www.disneylive.fr. From 3 years old.

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    Create a personalized book

    On the site creermonlivre.com, you indicate the first name of your child, and you receive a book and a CD containing seven stories of which he is the hero. To read and listen to, over and over again.

    From € 29,90. From 3 years old.

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    See the world in technicolor!

    Coloring books are always popular, but for more originality, Gallimard jeunesse offers classic storybooks to read, color and decorate with stickers.

    Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs, ed. Gallimard Jeunesse, € 7,90. From 3 years old.

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    Oh, the beautiful casts!

    Easy to do! Just mix plaster and water, pour everything into a mold, then unmold and paint. The mythical “Mako casts” are finally back, and we love it. In addition, the result is always top notch. Several themes to choose from: farm, savannah, Smurfs …

    Mako Castings, € 19,90. From 5 years old.

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    Nails art version kids

    Little girls do not escape the madness of varnishes. To make nails like mom, we choose varnishes without organic solvents or phthalates… The Nailmatic brand offers foods specially formulated for children and which can be removed with lukewarm water. Green, orange, purple… the colors are super girly. We love it too!

    Nailmatic for kids, 8 € each on glossup-shop.com. From 3 years old.

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    Become a little cook

    Break the eggs, mix the dough… the youngest love to put their two cents in. To cook as a family, the book “Cooking with 4 hands” presents 100 recipes with, each time, the detailed roles for parents and children.

    Ed. Hachette cuisine, € 19,95. From 5 years old.

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    Travel Travel…

    No need to go to the other side of the world to see the country. It is possible while staying at home thanks to the Odicé activity boxes. Inside: a game or a toy, a creative hobby, a travel diary and many surprises to learn a lot of things about a country. Each month, a new destination: Spain, Korea… In April, France is in the spotlight.

    To order on odicebox.com, € 22,90 each. From 3 years old.

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    Taming the animals of the savannah

    We cut out the different wooden elements, then we assemble them to create a mother elephant and her baby elephant or a mother giraffe and her cub … And why not try out original shapes by mixing the two?

    Asymmetree at Etsy.com, € 25 per pair. From 4 years old.

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    Puzzle en 3D

    Toddlers can spend hours doing and undoing their puzzles. It’s great to refine their manual dexterity, develop their sense of observation… And what pride once finished! For the youngest, prefer wooden models, more solid. With cardboard puzzles, start with those with few pieces to assemble, then increase the difficulty. For older children, try the 3D puzzles. The result is stunning: some turn into real world maps, others into decorative balls bearing the effigy of their favorite heroes, like Cars.

    Puzzle Ball 3D, Ravensburger, from € 15. From 6 years old.

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    Budding artists

    Art isn’t just for the pros! The proof is with the book “Parents d’artistes”, which lists some sixty original manual activities – painting with straw, Cotton Swab®, or salad spinner! All can be done with inexpensive equipment.

    Ed. La Plage, € 24,95.

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    Too fun to stick and take off the stickers while inventing stories. And we can collect them. There is plenty to do with these 140 sheets of stickers (animals, superheroes, cars, etc.). Infinitely repositionable. Clever, notebooks with plastic pages to facilitate collages.

    My Sticker Book, € 17,50, and sticker sheet, € 2,50. On sale on majolo.fr. From 4 years old.

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    Explore nature

    In his garden, in the park or in the countryside, one can observe flowers, leaves and many small animals. The opportunity to educate young people about the protection of the environment

    nement. To make the activity fun, Moulin Roty offers a suitcase containing all the necessary equipment: magnifying glass, harvest boxes, press to dry the collected leaves …

    The Botanist, Moulin Roty, € 49. From 4 years old.

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    Recycling trend

    No longer throw away milk or water bottles and milk packs, but customize them by drawing on them with markers, sticking stickers and stickers. Here they are transformed into animals, robots… To create a recycled city, follow the advice of artist Martine Camillieri who is releasing a game book with lots of explanations.

    “Les Petits Urbanistes”, ed. Nature & Discoveries, € 29,95. From 4 years old.

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    The art of stamps

    Easy to handle, even by small hands, the pads soak in the paint, then apply all over the sheets. You can make them yourself by cutting shapes in potatoes, but for a more sophisticated result, opt for Djeco boxes containing stamps, ink and leaves to decorate.

    Motifs to stamp The Little Mouse, Scheherazade…, Djeco, € 17. From 4 years old.

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    Happy Easter !

    Make way for creation with Belledonne, which offers a box containing organic chocolate eggs and a beech egg to “sticker”. And it’s time for action by hiding Ouaps interactive eggs in the garden, the apartment… Once found, we stack them and they start singing. When you are well trained, as a family, you take part in a giant egg hunt in gardens and parks, castles (Vaux-le-Vicomte), zoos (Thoiry) …

    Box of eggs, Belledonne, € 5,25; Cot-Cot family, Ouaps, € 10. From 3 years old.

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