Pühad 2021: kogu rahaline abi selleks suveks lahkumiseks


Ebasoodne tervise- ja majanduskontekst

This year 2021 is obviously marked by the health crisis linked to the Covid-19 epidemic. But the economic situation is not favorable to going on vacation either. This is evidenced by an Ifop survey for the Voyageavecnous.fr site, which indicates that among the most modest households (incomes below 900 € net / month per unit of consumption), only a third think of leaving this summer, a proportion down by compared to last year (-10 points).

What families do not always know is that there are holiday departure aids, especially for children.

Vacaf: the various aid from CAF

The various aids from the Caisses d’Allocation Familiales (CAF) are grouped together in a system called Vacaf, which includes three different aids:

  • family vacation assistance (AVF);
  • social holiday assistance (AVS);
  • and aid for children’s holidays (AVE).

It should be noted that social holiday assistance (AVS) is a somewhat separate device, because it aims to promote the first departures on vacation of families thanks to social and financial support, and is intended only for families who require support. socio-educational for going on vacation. You cannot combine AVS and AVF.

How to benefit?

If you are a CAF beneficiary, your rights to holiday assistance schemes are calculated according to the classic award criteria, with regard to your family situation (family quotient, composition of the household, etc.).

The annual amount of aid is calculated and decided for each beneficiary, who receives a notification by e-mail or letter at the beginning of the year detailing their rights to the Vacaf system.

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To benefit from Family Vacation Assistance (AVF), you must:

  • have at least one dependent child, and depending on the department, their age varies. This can be from 3 to 18 years old, for example;
  • have resources compatible with these aids;
  • whether the stay takes place during school holidays or over a weekend.

The number of days of stay is set by the Caisse d’Allocations Familiales. And the choice of destination must be made from one of the 3 approved campsites and lodgings that can be found on the vacaf.org site.

How to book your holiday stay with Vacaf help?

The different CAFs have summarized the different stages in five points, as follows:

  • Choose your holiday stay among the Vacaf labeled destinations on the site www.vacaf.org, then on the home page, select your Caf in the “Families” or “Children” box and let yourself be guided.
  • Call the chosen holiday center, specifying that you are a beneficiary of holiday assistance and give your beneficiary number.
  • Ask the center to book your stay and tell you the amount of Vacaf assistance, as well as what you have to pay.
  • Send the deposit to confirm your reservation.
  • Holiday assistance will be paid to the structure once your stay is over.

Note that this is the major advantage of the device: the beneficiary family only has the third party payment to pay (including a deposit), and does not have to advance the entire stay since the chosen holiday center knows the amount of assistance granted and deducts it from the overall amount to be paid.

Concretely, let’s take the example of a vacation rental of 800 euros for a family whose Vacaf aid is 30%. The remainder to be borne by the family will therefore be 560 euros once the 30% has been withdrawn from the initial sum (800-240).

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Note that from one CAF to another, the percentage of aid varies. It can thus be only 30% as it can peak at 80%. In Haute-Saône for example, it is 40% for a family quotient of between 0 and 800 €, with a ceiling set at 500 € of aid in total.

AVE for summer camps

The AVE is the main aid dedicated to summer camps. It concerns stays under agreement in France and in the European Union, lasting at least 5 days and organized by an approved Vacaf center. The amount of assistance here also depends on the family quotient calculated by the Caf, and may vary from one Caf to another.


Pane tähele: the budget of each CAF being limited, it is advisable to book as early as possible! All additional information is on the Vacaf site, or on jeunes.gouv.fr/colo.

It should also be noted that holiday camps can pay with holiday vouchers, and that some Works Councils (Works Councils) offer advantageous rates for this type of child trip.

What about young adults?

Parents of a young adult, you are looking for a cool idea so that your “teenager” does not spend the summer with you strumming on his smartphone and regretting his friends.


Invite him to take charge of his vacation, by visiting the site in particular depart1825.com : scholarship student, work-study, with low incomes … This mechanism of the National Association of Holiday Vouchers (ANCV) can finance up to 90% of the stay, which can take the form of a vacation in France or in Europe, a week by the sea or in the mountains, a weekend in the city …

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The government has apparently gone all out this year 2021, with the goal of sending 50 young people on vacation this summer. The Departure 000 – 18 program has thus evolved as follows:

  • Support increased from 75 to 90%
  • The aid ceiling goes from 200 to 300 €
  • The principle of the minimum remaining charge of 50 € is abolished

These conditions are valid for new bookings registered with a holiday end date no later than September 30.


Holidays 2021: aid on the transport side

Once a year, the SNCF offers reductions for going on vacation:

  • -25% guaranteed on your return trip of at least 200 kilometers;
  • -50% depending on availability and if you pay for at least half of your tickets with holiday vouchers.

To take advantage of it, you must complete a form available at the ticket offices of the stations or on sncf.com. Note that these reductions are valid for your loved ones living under your roof and traveling with you (child under 21, spouse, and parent if you are single).

As for the motorway tolls, remember that, since June 1, it is possible to pay up to 250 euros in holiday vouchers, transferring them beforehand to a toll badge.

As for CAF, according to our colleagues fromActu.fr, it would consider setting up a transport aid. An experiment would be on the verge of being carried out this summer to study the feasibility or not of such additional assistance when going on vacation.

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