5. rasedusnädal – 7 WA


7SA or week 5 of pregnancy on the baby side

Baby measures between 5 and 16 millimeters (he can now exceed a centimeter!), And weighs a little less than a gram.

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At this stage, a regular heartbeat is observed. His heart has almost doubled in size and it is beating faster than that of an adult. On the morphology side, it is at the level of the head, and especially of the limbs, that we note big changes: the tail is regressing, while two small legs decorated with small stars (the future feet) are emerging. . The same goes for the arms, which are formed very slowly. On the sides of the face, two pigmented discs appeared: the outline of the eyes. The ears are also starting to appear. The nostrils and the mouth are still little holes. The heart now has four chambers: the “atria” (the upper chambers) and the “ventricles” (the lower chambers).

The 5th week of pregnancy for the future mother

It’s the start of the second month. You can feel the changes accelerating within you. The cervix is ​​already changed, it is softer. The cervical mucus thickens. It collects and forms, at the end of the cervix, the “mucous plug”, a barrier against germs. It is this famous plug that we lose – sometimes without noticing it – a few days or a few hours before childbirth.

Our advice: It is quite normal to be tired at this stage of pregnancy. An unsuspected, irrepressible fatigue, which makes us want to go to bed barely after dark (or almost). This fatigue is proportional to the energy supplied by our body to manufacture the baby that we are carrying. So we listen to each other and stop fighting. We go to bed as soon as we feel the need. We do not hesitate to be a little selfish and to protect ourselves from external solicitations. We also adopt an anti-fatigue plan.

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We begin to consider how our pregnancy will be monitored. By the maternity ward? Our obstetrician-gynecologist? A liberal midwife? Our attending physician? We get information to turn to the practitioner who suits us best, so that our pregnancy and childbirth are as much as possible in your image.

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