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Notice to parents who feel a certain nostalgia when they think of the games and toys of their childhood: many brands are releasing vintage toys for this Christmas. This is the opportunity to share sweet memories with your children!

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    Polly Pocket boxes

    Polly Pocket characters return for new adventures and in multiple set formats. The classic boxes, which we knew in our youth, offer new worlds such as the snow-covered chalet, the flamingo pool or even the cupcake café. Children will also appreciate those in mini format, such as the aquarium or the picnic, or will prefer to opt for the large boxes with the sand castle or the surprise party for example!

    • Mattel – Mini box: € 5,99, standard box € 12 and large box: € 16.
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    The Hotel Deluxe game

    Dujardin is relaunching this great classic of board games this year. Build hotels and palaces, multiply entrances and make your opponents pay until they are ruined. But be careful, you too, to avoid bankruptcy! Who will be the best businessman or businesswoman this year?

    • Age: from 8 years old.
    • Mängijate arv: 2 kuni 4.
    • Contains 28 3D buildings.
    • Dujardin – € 22,45.
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    The Tamagotchi

    Bandaï invites the youngest to discover the original 1997 version of Tamagotchi, this famous little virtual animal that must be taken care of in order for it to grow up. Like you a few years ago, the children will have fun feeding him, washing him, playing with him and even scolding him when he does stupid things.

    • Age: from 8 years old.
    • Several colors: white, purple, yellow, green.
    • Bandaï – € 14,99. An exclusivity offered at Jouéclub.
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    The Monchhiroule Car – Monchhichi

    The authentic little monkey from 1974 returns in a modernized version, whether as a cartoon or as a toy. Among the new collection, we fell in love with the car with rounded vintage curves, with a remote control suitable for small hands, or even for the Monchhichi tribe house which opens, to give way to a double playground and a staircase tree to go up to the first floor.

    • Age: from 3 years old.
    • Silverlit – Car: € 34,99, Deluxe House: € 49,99.
    • Site :
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    My first tape recorder

    What if your child discovered the pleasure of listening to an audio cassette? In the age of MP3s and smartphones, it’s a throwback to the past that Fisher Price offers us with this vintage tape recorder. Your child will be able to listen to nursery rhymes and record their voice on the microphone.

    • Age: from 3 years old.
    • Asmokids — Fisher Price : 25,99 €.
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    Minu väike poni

    Hasbro is relaunching this year an original version of its little ponies, released in the summer of 1981. Design, smell and small comb, everything is there: all you have to do is choose the pony you want to offer: Parasol le rose, Poneywindy the purple, Sunlight the green or Moonstone the unicorn.

    • Hasbro — 12,99 €.
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    The Laughing Pig – Buzz Party

    Born in the 30s, the famous Laughing Pig game is modernized with a Buzz Party version. We roll the three dice to get aces and add disguise attributes to the pig which will then transform into a unicorn, a superhero, etc. But be careful, in this version, if a butcher’s face or a pig’s face appears when throwing the dice, it will be necessary to be the fastest to press the buzzer in the form of a snout. If it was the pig side, the player who won can put two attributes and if it was the butcher side, he will have to remove one from one of the opposing players. 

    • Age: from 7 years old.
    • Mängijate arv: 2 kuni 4.
    • Contains an electronic buzzer, 4 pig bodies, 4 accessories, 4 pairs of glasses, 28 classic attributes, 3 dice.
    • Dujardin – € 21,45.
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    The EducaTouch Hello Maestro game “Once upon a time”

    The Educa brand of games allows children to discover the first notions of the human body or of history, in the company of the characters from the cartoons “Once upon a time”. 8 Activity sheets are available: two “life” sheets, two “Man” sheets, two “explorers” sheets, and two “discoverers” sheets.

    Each can be played in three modes: “Exploration” to discover what is represented, “Questions” to test your knowledge and “Music” to listen to the famous credits of the series.

    • Educa Borras – € 24.
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    Maasika Murokeksi

    Fall in love with a re-edition of the dolls from the 1980s. Alone or in a box, they have kept the look of the time and their sweet smell of berries, all that remains is to collect them all: Strawberry Charlotte, Cranberry Jam or Framboise Mousse… names to awaken both our memories and our gluttony!

    • Asmokids — 12 €.
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    The book Made In Toys, the secret history of toys from our childhood.

    Parents will take pleasure in leafing through this book, alone or with their family, to remember the cartoons, films and toys of their childhood: Jem and the holograms, and the 100% rock n ‘roll look dolls, the Popples soft toys that were transformed into balls, the Knights of the Zodiac, Ulysses 31, or even the Boglins, these hideous rubber puppet monsters. It is also the beginning of collectables, with Crados cards, Pogs and Babies.

    The book is teeming with photos, archival documents and interviews, aimed at both nostalgic fans and collectors.

    • Edition Huginn & Muninn – 27 €.
    • Author: Romain Cheval and Stephane Lapuss
    • Lehekülgede arv: 223
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    Ghostbusters — Playmobil

    From Headquarters on three levels to Ecto-1, the Ghostbusters heroes’ intervention vehicle with siren and light effects, let’s go on a ghost hunt alongside agents Winston Zeddemore, Janine Melnitz, Ray Stantz and Egon Spengler! What if you set off for a new adventure against the gigantic Bibendum Chamallow (19 cm)?

    • Playmobil – Headquarters: € 63, vehicle € 37, ghost € 11.

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