Nad said sünnituse ajal orgasmi


She remembers it as if it were yesterday: “ I felt an orgasm when giving birth to my daughter at home in 1974 », says Elizabeth Davis, a renowned American midwife.

At the time, she dared not tell anyone about it, for fear that she would be judged. But the idea gained ground, and little by little she met women who, like her, have had orgasmic birth experiences. A few years later, while continuing to research the physiology of birth and sexuality, Elizabeth Davis met Debra Pascali-Bonaro at a conference. Renowned Doula and birth attendant, she finishes her documentary “Orgasmic birth, the best kept secret”. The two women decide to devote a book * to this subject.

Take pleasure in giving birth

Taboo subject than that of pleasure during birth. And for good reason: the history of childbirth is dominated by suffering. The Bible says so explicitly: “Thou shalt give birth in pain. For centuries this belief is perpetuated. Yet, pain is perceived differently by women. Some swear to have lived through martyrdom, while others literally explode.

The hormones produced during labor are in fact the same as those secreted during sexual intercourse. Oxytocin, also known as the love hormone, constricts the uterus and allows for dilation. Then, at the time of expulsion, the endorphins help reduce the pain.

The environment is decisive

Anxiety, fear, fatigue prevent all these hormones from working well. Under stress, adrenaline is produced. However, it has been proven that this hormone counteracts the action of oxytocin and thus makes dilation more difficult. Conversely, anything that reassures, soothes, promotes these hormonal exchanges. The conditions in which childbirth takes place are therefore essential.

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« Care must be taken to provide an environment of comfort and support to all women in labor to help them relax and feel safe, recommends Elisabeth Davis. Lack of privacy, strong lights, constant comings and goings are all things that hinder a woman’s concentration and privacy. “

The epidural is obviously contraindicated if we want to experience an orgasmic birth.

The mother-to-be must first determine where and with whom she wants to give birth, knowing that there are alternative options that are more suitable to support the physiology of the birth. However, it is certain that not all women will reach orgasm with childbirth.

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