A gray cardboard sheet


Must marker

Chinese chopstick

Sa esitad

Black foam (funfil)



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    Samm 1:

    Draw the shape of a wolf on your gray sheet. It’s simple, just make a wave, up and down, then connect the two.

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    Samm 2:

    Draw the shape of an eye on each side. Then ask Mum or Dad to cut out the shape of the eyes using a cutter.

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    Samm 3:

    To represent the cat’s whiskers, cut out several pieces of wire, each about 7-8 cm long. Glue them on each side, in the lower part of the wolf.

    Then glue a piece of black foam in the middle to form the cat’s nose.

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    Samm 4:

    With black felt-tip pen, trace the outlines of the cat’s eyes to make them stand out.

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    Samm 5:

    Put glue on the top of the wand, then attach it to the back of the wolf.

    That’s it, your mask is finished! You can hide behind without anyone, or almost, recognizing you …

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