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What kind of daddy is Mickaël, your husband?

He is very daddy. He takes care of her a lot. At noon, he feeds her or plays with her. It always takes time. As soon as he comes home, he washes his hands and takes it. He was never afraid. The first bath and the first layers, that was him! The care of the cord, it was him too. He did everything while I was bedridden (shopping, cleaning…). Today’s dads roll up their sleeves. Sometimes he makes dress mistakes, but other than that he’s awesome!

And you, are you a cool or rather stressed young mother?

We have a real mother / daughter bond. When she falls, my first instinct is to play down, to laugh. But it’s not always easy. Before giving her homeopathy, when she was 3-4 months old, she would scream and put her fist in her mouth. It made me physically sick to see her in pain.

But in general, I leave my daughter easily. I try to be a Zen mom, especially when I’m away. I try to put things into perspective …

Do you want a big family?

 Instead, we are leaving for two children. My husband doesn’t like the idea of ​​an only child. Two is good. At the very beginning, I thought it would be good not to have too much gap between the two babies. My sister and I are 4 years apart and there are conflicts. But if we want to leave two years between Lily and the second baby, we would have to get started before the end of the year …

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 For the moment, we don’t want to find ourselves in there right away. I want to enjoy my daughter, she is so great!

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