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Minu laps: tema esimene filmilinastus

Of course, not all children evolve at the same rate, but before 4 years of age, attention span does not exceed 10 to 15 minutes. DVDs, which can be interrupted and resumed at any time, are therefore much more suitable than a cinema session. In addition, psychologically, the line between reality and fiction is still too blurry and some scenes can impress them, even in the context of a cartoon. Indeed, in addition to the nightmarish period is between 3 and 5 years, the context of a cinema (giant screen, dark room, power of sound), promotes anxiety. And to be reassured, your child will spend more time talking to you and asking questions than watching the movie.

4-5 years: the films you must see

For a first attempt, “target” well the cartoon that you are going to see together: a total duration which does not exceed 45 min to 1 hour, the ideal being a film cut out in short films of about fifteen minutes. A story perfectly suited to toddlers, which is not so often. More and more films are aimed at a large audience: children, adolescents, adults. If the “big ones” can find their account (second degree, cinematographic references, special effects), the youngest are quickly overwhelmed. Films like “Kirikou”, “Plume”, “Bee Movie” are accessible to a very young audience (script, graphics, dialogues), not “Shrek”, “Pompoko”, “The real story of Little Red Riding Hood” or ” Little Chicken ”(speed and rhythm of the scenes accelerated, too many special effects).

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4-5 years: a morning session

A morning session (10 or 11 a.m. on Sunday morning) is more suitable for young children. In any case, squish the trailers and arrive a few minutes before the start of the film, unless it’s a big release like Kirikou, where tickets are expensive. In this case, try to make your little one wait a few weeks before going to see him. Also remember not to sit too close to the screen, because it is tiring for the eyes of the little ones.

From 5 years old, a rite of passage

On the social level, 5 years marks an important stage: it will soon be CP and it is good to prepare this decisive course by “rites of passage” towards the world of adults. Going to the cinema to see a feature film is one of the first socializing activities outside of school: your child will have to behave well so as not to disturb others. What a promotion to finally be considered a great!

If your child isn’t hooking up, listen to them, and don’t hesitate to leave the room if they are agitated or seem overly impressed. On the other hand, do not fear a trauma if he hides his eyes: between his spread fingers, he does not miss a thing! Finally, for the outing to be perfectly successful, nothing beats a good hot chocolate after the session to share your impressions. For your child, this is the best way to let go of any fears.

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