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First of all, make sure you are ovulating. But… Do not hesitate to make love as often and as naturally as possible, all without putting pressure on yourself or necessarily thinking about “having a baby”. Try not to obsess over it. Continue to love each other in joy and good humor, this is the most important thing to start. It is proven that female pleasure helps procreation. And yes ! The famous contractions of the vaginal muscles at the time of orgasm help sperm to go back into the uterus! A pleasure that is difficult to access without forgetting yourself a little or without being really relaxed. To the best of my mind …

The doggy style position

On all fours or on his knees, with his chest or head resting on the bed, your man sits on his knees behind you and enters you from behind. This position will give you an orgasm for sure. What’s more, this configuration is very effective because the sperm of your darling will be directly in contact with your cervix.

Variant: the “Mountains and wonders” position. This time, you are lying on your stomach, you place a pillow under your hips. Spread your legs slightly to welcome your man, who sits on his knees behind you. He will thus have the opportunity to admire your mountains and wonders, and to take his time to massage your back before venturing into you. The position is also ideal for him to treat you with various caresses, and thus stimulate you to the ultimate pleasure. After lovemaking, you can quietly roll over onto your back and lie down for a few minutes.

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The square woman’s position

Lie on your side, at the edge of the bed, your legs stretched out in front of you, in a square shape. They will thus be parallel to the bed frame, and your buttocks offered on the edge. Your lover comes to stand or kneel on the floor (it all depends on the height of the bed). He can thus penetrate you gently from behind, and he has full latitude to caress your breasts, back and arms. It’s up to him to set the pace. A position also very effective because it allows great accessibility. Roll over once again on your back after sex, and remain lying down for a few tens of minutes after orgasm, to promote the travel of the sperm.

La position : A table

Hoiatus, this kamasutra position requires having a stable and solid table ! Lie down on this competition table, lengthwise, buttocks at the edge. Do not hesitate to place a pillow under your kidneys. Just be careful not to slip. Your darling is facing you. He can indulge in all kinds of delicious caresses and “taste” you before taking you, since he is already at the table! You will then wrap your legs around her hips. Several variations are possible: if you have the flexibility, you can place your legs on his shoulders. Or one leg on his shoulder, while he holds the other under his arm. It’s your turn ! This very effective position therefore combines the useful with the pleasant. Make sure you sit comfortably anyway because, this time again, you will have to keep the position a few tens of minutes after orgasm, to promote the passage of sperm.

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The position of the bamboo

Lie on your back in the middle of the bed. Then put a cushion under your buttocks and another under your kidneys, to be well supported. You are installed like a real queen! Your man comes to stand in front of you and can penetrate you by leaning on his hands. Do not hesitate to enclose your companion with your legs to give rhythm together to the movements of love. Small non-negligible bonus: this angle of penetration helps stimulate your G-spot. At the time of ejaculation, your man’s sperm will be in direct contact with your cervix. It is therefore one of the simplest and most favorable positions. Again, stay in place for a few minutes after lovemaking.

The position of the missionary

A kamasutra classic that still works but that we can revisit. Lie down on the bed and fold your legs over your torso. Your darling is in front of you and is enjoying the show you offer him. He can either place your legs on either side of his chest or on his shoulders. You are free to vary the position of your legs according to your good pleasure, which comes first of all, of course! Your man can caress your thighs and penetrate you deeply. In fact, he is advised to be cautious. If you are both amateurs, it can also stimulate your clitoris with a small vibrating toy during penetration. As always, stay still for ten minutes after lovemaking. And good luck.

Positions to avoid to get pregnant

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Some Kamasutra positions are not recommended if you want to have a baby. In general, we avoid positions where the woman is above the man like the Amazon, the position of Andromache or the Union of the lotus. Because in these situations, the risk is that the sperm will not reach the cervix.

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