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With regard to violence at school, “the internal factors of the establishment, the school climate (number of students, working conditions, etc.) play a lot », Explains Georges Fotinos. “In addition, let us not forget that the mission of the school is to help the child to socialize, to live together. And in this area, the school has failed at times. For example, the students who are found violent in college are not spontaneous generations. There is a whole school history behind them, since they entered kindergarten. They certainly showed signs of nervousness at times. And multiple signs should have alerted teachers and parents, and encouraged them to put a device in place. »For Georges Fotinos, teacher training is inadequate. It does not include any module on the recognition of the phenomenon of harassment or on conflict management.

Prevention put aside

“Since the 1980s, plans to fight against violence in schools have followed one another with enormous resources. The only problem: these plans, which applied to middle and upper secondary schools, focused on the management and not the prevention of violence, ”underlines Georges Fotinos. Gold, only preventive measures can put a stop to this type of situation.

Vastasel juhul the RASED (Specialized aid networks for pupils in difficulty), whose mission is to help children in difficulty at the request of teachers, ” are of great use. But the posts are being cut and the professionals who are retiring are not replaced. “

Parents, not involved enough?

For Georges Fotinos, the school does not appeal to parents enough. They are not involved enough. ” Families do not participate enough in the functioning of school life and only consume the school. “

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