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First steps in mathematical reasoning

From 3 years old: I associate, I evaluate.

My first maths. 4 puzzles to associate pictures with words and numbers. Fnac / Awakening and Games, € 10.

Numbers and constellations. A domino game allowing a number to be associated with a number of corresponding objects. Goula, € 20.

Large and Small. A very simple game to learn to differentiate the big one from the small one. Diset, € 8,50.

Battle game. A card with a vertical ruler, on the left, from 1 to 6 and a dog in illustration. The bigger it is, the stronger the card. A great way to learn about numbers while sharing a game of ‘grown-ups’. “Batawaf”. Djeco, € 7,50.

From 4 years old: I discover the quantities.

Giro 1-6. A roulette wheel with numbers and 4 puzzles to be formed according to the number on which the roulette arrow has stopped. Diset, € 8,50.

The calculation. A set including 6 games to progress in learning calculation and quantities. From 4 to 7 years old. Ravensburger. € 30.

On the way to calculation. In partnership with Les Incollables, a question-and-answer game focused on numbers and numbers. Ravensburger, € 20.

Trees to count. A board game to take your first steps in addition and subtraction. Depending on the number on the dice, the child adds or removes the fruit from the apple tree. Awakening / Games, € 35.

From 5 years old: my first operations.

I count with the Diabolos. An excellent DVD for playing with numbers and operations. Nathan, 18th .. Sudoku Junior. The super trendy game, suitable for children. Goliath, € 17.

Topic Veel teemast:  4-5-aastane: "Ma tegin seda!"

Additions and subtractions. On boards containing numbers and quantities, the child learns the basics of mathematical operations. Say, € 13.


Game of the goose and small horses. A very nice case for these two traditional games, excellent tools for learning arithmetic. Ludo and Co. Djeco, € 13.

Monopoly Junior. A classic game that allows you to learn more, to pay in euros. Played Club, € 18.

Clever calculation and clever walkman. A funny calculator coupled with a walkman. With this toy, the child learns to recognize numbers, associate a number with a quantity, understand the basics of addition. Also games on screen. Fisher Price. € 19,50.


Develop temporal benchmarks

From 4 years old: the hour, the day and the week. My first nature calendar. Each day, the child indicates the date, the weather and dresses the branches of the tree with flowers, cherries, leaves or snowflakes. An active way to learn about days, months and seasons.

Nature and Discovery, 25 € Eduludo my day. A magnetic board allowing you to find your bearings during the day using 60 magnets.

And also: Eduludo my week, from 6 years old. Djeco, € 33.


Time and time. 6 progressive games to learn the hours, days, months and seasons. Ravensburger. Coll. The Blue School. € 30.

My first calendar. A fabric calendar to hang on your bedroom wall with the days, months, time and seasons. Each morning, the child updates his board by scratching different elements.

Fnac / Awakening and Games, 26th.

“Over time”, Lilliputiens, € 50

The calendar-clock. A very complete table bringing together an educational clock, the days, the months and the seasons. Goula, € 47.

Topic Veel teemast:  Julien Blanc-Gras'i kroonika: "Kuidas isa oma lapsele ökoloogiat selgitab"

Time with Winnie. The child makes his own clock (with the help of a parent) with accessories made of foam and cardboard.

Tactic Creative, 13 €

Count with Winnie. The child makes his book of numbers in stitching, distributes number stickers on a roulette wheel and can play bingo with his friends. Tactic Creativo, € 13.

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