Kas peaksite oma last vaktsineerima inimese papilloomiviiruse (HPV) vastu?


A simple cancer vaccine? We would like it to be like that for everyone! Against that of the cervix and anus, it is possible to be vaccinated, or to vaccinate your child, with Gardasil 9 or Cervarix. And these are now recommended and reimbursed both for young boys and girls.

Why vaccinate both women and men against human papillomaviruses?

Since 2006, adolescent girls and boys havea remedy to prevent cervical cancer and other cancers: the HPV (Human papilloma virus) vaccine. This protects against papillomaviruses, responsible for cancers of the cervix, but also of the anus, penis, tongue or throat.

The Gardasil® vaccine appeared in France in November 2006. It protects against four types of papillomavirus (6, 11, 16 and 18) responsible for precancerous lesions, cancerous and genital warts.

Since October 2007, you can also have Cervarix® administered. He fights only papillomavirus infections of type 16 and 18.

It is relevant to vaccinate both girls and boys against human papillomaviruses since the latter are not only responsible for cervical cancer but also cancers of the anus, penis, tongue or throat. In addition, men are less often symptomatic but are the ones who transmit these viruses the most. Whether a man has sex with women or / and men, it is therefore prudent that he gets vaccinated.

At what age to get vaccinated against papillomavirus?

In France, the Haute Autorité de Santé recommends quadrivalent vaccination (Gardasil®) for adolescents 11i ja 14i vahel. Catching up is possible later, on average until the age of 26, knowing that vaccination is less effective after the start of sexual activity.

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How many injections of the cervical cancer vaccine?

The vaccination is carried out in 2 or 3 injections, spaced at least 6 months apart.

Gardasil or Cervarix: instructions for use

  • How to get Gardasil®? The cervical cancer vaccine is available at pharmacies. It will only be issued to you on medical prescription from your gynecologist, your general practitioner or a nurse (from family planning, for example).
  • How is it administered? The teenager receives two or three intramuscular injections of this vaccine, 6 months apart, in the upper arm. Side effects such as redness, fatigue or fever are quite common.
  • Kui palju see maksab ? You have to pay around 135 € for each dose. Add to that the price of the consultations. Since July 2007, Gardasil® is reimbursed at 65% by Health Insurance if the vaccination is carried out before the age of 20. Since January 2021, it is also for boys. Then see if your mutual or complementary health insurance covers the remaining amount.

Is the human papillomavirus vaccine mandatory?

No, vaccination against human papillomaviruses is not compulsory, it is only recommended. The list of 11 compulsory vaccines in France in 2021 is made up of those against:

  • difteeria, teetanus, lastehalvatus (varem kohustuslik),
  • läkaköha,
  • invasiivsed Haemophilus influenzae b-tüüpi infektsioonid,
  • B-hepatiit,
  • pneumokoki infektsioonid,
  • invasiivsed meningokoki serorühma C infektsioonid,
  • leetrid, mumps ja punetised

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