School: when little girls refrain from going to pee …


At school, little girls dare not go to the toilet

Going to pee when you are a student in kindergarten, it’s a real expedition! To avoid any accident, the teacher and / or the Atsem take the whole class to the toilets at each recess. And whether they want to or not, children are encouraged to pee. We then make sure that they wash their hands well before going to play. When it comes to learning about hygiene, it’s great. Side respect for privacy, it is more average. Most of the time, the toilet has no separation. For modest children, this lack of partitions poses a real problem.

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A cause of urinary tract infections in little girls

“We see children hoiduma go to the toilet from the first year of kindergarten, ”notes Dr Christophe Philippe, pediatrician in Saint-Malo. “The phenomenon mainly affects girls, in whom it can be the cause of vulvitis andkuseteede infektsioonid. “At this age, the bladder is still very unstable, its storage capacity is limited. By dint of holding back, little girls usually end up letting a few drops of urine escape. Still fragile, their vulva can then become irritated on contact with permanently wet panties, resulting in redness and itching. Not to mention that the stagnation of urine too concentrated in the bladder can promote germ development, and consequently urinary tract infections.

How can you prevent little girls from holding back from going to the bathroom?

First, talk to your daughter about it. Ask him why is she holding back to pee at school. Often missing paper? Slip a packet of tissues into her bag. She dare not do in front of his comrades ? Ask the teacher if she can pass her through when there are fewer people. “In the most problematic cases, after urinary tract infections due to too long stagnation of urine in the bladder, the doctor can make a sertifikaat asking the teacher to allow the child to pee in closed toiletsja outside of scheduled hours, when the desire arises, ”explains Dr Christophe Philippe.

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Prevention side

To avoid urinary tract infections, little girls are taught a few simple rules:

– Drink enough,

– Do not wait to go wee,

– In the toilet, always wipe from front to back.

Author: Aurélia Dubuc

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