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From conception to the date of delivery, can we control everything, should we control everything? In our western societies, pregnancy is highly medicalized. Ultrasounds, check-ups, blood tests, analyzes, measurements… We asked mothers on our forums for their opinion on the medicalization of pregnancy.

Medicalization of pregnancy: reassuring checks for Elyane

“The 3 statutory ultrasounds were the highlights of my first pregnancy. My “mom” friends insisted on the “meeting with the baby” side. I mainly saw the control side. I imagine that reassured me. This was the case, too, for the 3rd month ultrasound for my second baby. But I had decided not to worry. To rejoice in these meetings where I could discover this baby. Coincidence: on the second ultrasound, the gynecologist detected a small ebanormaalne südamerütm. He explained to us that this anomaly could go into the order of itself, that it could not be serious at all. In short, that it was the drawbacks of these examinations so sophisticated, of these controls so thorough: we could also identify problems that are not really problems. In the end, it was nothing, the problem had settled naturally. So yes, maybe we go too far, sometimes, in our desire to control everything during these 9 months, even if it means create stress for nothing. But I still think that it is a chance. If there had been a serious anomaly, we could have anticipated the consequences, and provided solutions from the pregnancy. For me, it’s not about conceiving a zero-defect baby. But on the contrary to better anticipate and better be able to support in the first days of his life, a baby who would have health concerns. And this is the chance that science offers us today, in my opinion. ” Elyane

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Toxo, Down syndrome, diabetes … Examinations for a peaceful pregnancy

“The three ultrasounds, the screening for gestational diabetes, toxoplasmosis, trisomy 21… I’m for 100%. In my opinion, this helps reassure mothers (if all goes well) and have a relatively peaceful pregnancy. Otherwise, hello anguish for 9 months! Regarding more specifically the ultrasounds, I must say that I loved these moments. Once I was reassured about my baby’s health, I could listen to his heartbeat. Emotion guaranteed… ” Caroline

"The gestational diabetes screenings, ultrasounds to see if all is well, I am for! Well-treated gestational diabetes like it has been for me can prevent problems at birth. As for ultrasounds, they make it possible to see if the child is well, and the test for trisomy coupled or not to a amniootsentees helps detect possible malformations for the unborn child. ” Stephanie380

“There are tests necessary for the health of the mother and the baby. In my case, amniocentesis is “mandatory” and I want it. I wouldn’t be at ease if I didn’t have this exam! ” Ajonfal

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