Pokémon, must ja valge versioon

Pokémon Black and White version immerse players in a new story, more mature and dark than usual.

A group of trainers, Team Plasma, accumulates Pokémon thefts from all trainers in the Unys region.

N, a mysterious trainer with strong convictions is ready for anything and will go so far as to link up with Team Plasma to create a world where Pokémon will be free and no longer under the domination of trainers.

In this Pokémon role-playing game White and Black version, there are more than 150 new Pokémon, a large part of which benefits from a more aggressive design!

Wireless connection to several always at the rendezvous.

Uued funktsioonid:

– Possibility to consult information relating to other players.

– Possible consultation of the current situation.

– Real-time player status updates.

– Ability to help other players’ Pokémon or help players in their adventure.

Publisher: Nintendo

Vanusevahemik: 4-6 aastat

Toimetaja märkus: 10

Toimetaja arvamus: Pokémon mania still has a bright future ahead! Nintendo strikes even higher and manages to keep pokemon creature addicts always spellbound. Among the most successful role-playing games, young players are in the shoes of a poké trainer in search of new pokémons. And it’s nearly 156 new beasts and heads that we discover in these new versions. We capture them, we train them, we face the masters of the arenas and we go from one level to another ever stronger. A new 3D space remains to be explored, with more powerful settings and feared truth than in previous games. Especially in the very heart of the metropolis Volucité, we have gone to a level above in terms of graphics, far from the Platinum or Pearl versions. With 649 Pokémon to collect, including 156 new creatures, and a new region to discover, this new generation versions Black or white will keep you in suspense for tens or even hundreds of hours of play. A success is in progress, a consecration is reached here.

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