Oven-hardening modeling clay

A knife (preferably plastic)

Puidust pliiatsid

Small pearls

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    Samm 1:

    Cut pieces of dough with your fingers or with a knife (preferably plastic!).

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    Samm 2:

    Knead them and roll them to get the base of your pencil hats.

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    Samm 3:

    Insert your ball of dough into one of your pencils

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    Samm 4:

    Sculpt whatever shape of a pencil hat you like. A man, a star, a flower… let your little creative fingers express themselves!

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    Samm 5:

    When your shapes are well modeled, gently remove them from your pencils to continue decorating. Don’t hesitate to mix different colors of paste together and decorate your pencil hats with small pearls.

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    Samm 6:

    When they are all finished, all you have to do is bake them in the oven for 15 minutes at 130 °. Don’t forget to watch them a little anyway!

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    Samm 7:

    When the cooking time is up, let your little creations cool before dressing your pencils. Of course, they will no longer go unnoticed …

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