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While aquatic childbirth is very common in northern Europe, only a few maternity hospitals in France practice it. On the other hand, many establishments, which have a nature room, are equipped with basins to relax during work, but women cannot give birth in water. The expulsion takes place outside the bathtub. Sometimes an accident can happen, but it is rare and this prospect scares midwives. “Most medical teams do not know how to do this and they fear complications,” insists Chantal Ducroux-Schouwey, president of the Interassociative Collective around Birth (CIANE). ” You must be trained on this type of childbirth because there are very precise protocols to follow ”. Safety and hygiene standards must be observed. Let’s not forget that the risk of infection is high.

Here is the list of maternities authorized to give birth in water in France

  • Maternity of Lilas, Les Lilas (93)
  • Arcachon Hospital Center, La Teste de Buch (33)
  • Guingamp Hospital Center, Guingamp (22)
  • Polyclinique d’Oloron, Oloron Sainte-Marie (64)
  • Sedan Hospital Center (08)
  • Vitrolles clinic (13)

Semmelweis Aquatic Birth Center: an aborted project

November 2012, the Semmelweis aquatic birth center was inaugurated with great fanfare. At the origin of the project, Dr Thierry Richard, fervent defender of childbirth in water and founder of theFrench Aquatic Birth Association (AFNA). The doctor has developed an ultra sophisticated bathtub for expectant mothers. A little too much for the taste of the president of Ciane who regrets that we are finally moving away from the principle of physiological childbirth with this type of equipment. This birthplace “will offer a form of birth” at home “improved, secure and user-friendly”, we can read on the site of the establishment. But the center will never open its doors. Informed of this project, the Regional Health Agency (ARS) requested its immediate closure, on the grounds that no authorization had been issued. You don’t open a maternity hospital like that. This case shows that childbirth in water is a practice which must be strictly supervised and which can only be done in a health establishment. ” Professionals are cautious with anything outside the norm », Adds Chantal Ducroux-Schouwey. “This is the case for childbirth in water as well as for birthing centers. “

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Giving birth in water in Belgium

Childbirth in water is much more common in Belgium than in France. At Henri Serruys hospital, 60% of deliveries take place in water. This is where Sandra gave birth… Maternity appointments are usually made every 3 months. During the first consultation, the mother-to-be meets the obstetrician who checks that she has no contraindications to giving birth in water, that vaginal birth is possible, and that there is no no particular health problem. During this first consultation, future parents can also discover the delivery room, with its relaxation pool and birth tub. Note: preparation for childbirth in water is recommended from 24-25 weeks.

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