Mademoiselle Playmobil tähistab oma 40. aastapäeva!


Miss Playmobil has not aged a bit

No higher than 7,5 cm, Mademoiselle Playmobil has been able to seduce young and old since its creation in 1976. At 40, she is still so cute.

It all started in 1974, when the first figurines appear, it is an Indian, a worker and a knight. Then two years later, in 1976, Miss Playmobil appeared. Quickly success is at the rendezvous.

It must be said that female figurines have been modernized over the years to appeal to children.

More and more feminine

At first, Mademoiselle Playmobil’s signs of femininity are not very marked. Only the haircut and a sketch of a dress differentiate her from her male companion. Then gradually, it gets a makeover thanks to technological developments. In particular, it was necessary to adapt the original molds to give it more feminine curves. Then her outfits were enriched to follow the fashion. Pants, shorts, long skirt, swimsuit, shoes with heels… Mademoiselle Playmobil has a wardrobe to make aficionados green with envy. Not to mention her 166 different hairstyles! Brown, blonde or red, long hair, square, short or braided, the female figurines now display a fully assumed femininity. Latest novelty, in 2016, the figurines now have eyes of different colors (green, blue, purple…).

Ever more varied game worlds

With more than 30 different themes, Mademoiselle Playmobil has taken on almost all trades, roles, eras and legendary characters. She can embody all women and all personalities according to the desires of the children.

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Thus, she practices the most intense sports, lives a thousand and one professional experiences, while managing the family stewardship. Alternately adventurer, working-girl or globetrotter, Mademoiselle Playmobil is a true heroine of modern times. And she still has more than one trick up her sleeve to make young and old alike fall in love with the 2016 novelties: Inuit, Indian Princess, Vintage character… Enough to invent even more new stories!


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