Laëtitia Milot’s interview: “My daughter Lyana is a gift from heaven!”


Are you a fusional mom?

Laetitia Milot We waited so much for her. And she’s coming! We have a very strong bond with Lyana. For her birth, I had a cesarean. Separated from her in the recovery room for 3 hours, I could not wait: to find her, hug her and breastfeed her. Badri did skin to skin and sang a song that I sang to her while pregnant: “A Sweet Song”.

Is she a little or a big sleeper?

Laetitia MilotShe sleeps a lot since birth, and very quickly almost 5 or 6 hours in a row. Now she sleeps 10 hours in a row, even 12 hours!

Are you a “co-sleeper”?

Laetitia MilotWe respected the recommendations, we were strict. I was too scared with co-sleeping! She is in our room, in a cradle, and will go to hers around 5 months. But we give him the habit of sleeping there during naps.

How did you choose his first name?

Laetitia MilotIt is a very difficult choice! When I was pregnant, we had a book and every night we read a letter. We arrived at the maternity ward with a short-list of 5 first names. Most started with “l”. After 3 days, we were told that the birth had to be declared. What will you call it? There, big bug! We said Liyana. But since we could change it until the last moment, we asked everyone for their opinion… I like the number 5, so the first name would have 5 letters! It was Lyana that we chose.

Which daddy is Badri?

In the maternity ward, the father was exemplary. After a cesarean, it’s painful, you can’t get up… Badri gave the first bath, took care of Lyana, brought her to my breast, he slept in the hospital with us! Even back home, he takes care of it a lot. We are a real couple. We organize ourselves with our respective schedules. Webmaster, he works from home, but since birth he has put his desk aside to focus on Lyana!

You shot the second part of the film ‘A baby for Christmas’ after his birth …

She was 3 months old. Filming lasted 7 days in August in Chamonix. The whole family followed. When I left in the morning, Lyana slept, and when I came back she slept too. Badri assured me, he sent me pictures and she heard my voice over the phone, he also came to see me on the set from time to time. We don’t realize How long we can miss them when we don’t see them for 1 hour!

Milline on tema iseloom?

Lyana is very smiling. Like her grandfather and I, it seems, from morning to night she is laughing 🙂! He established trust between her and us. She is very calm. And very responsive too. When she sees me picking up the scarf, she smiles. She knows we’re going for a walk! She recognizes us, she understands her first name, turns when we call her. It’s awesome.

What is your sleep ritual?

We set up little routines. I put her in her angel’s nest, this is the moment of the story. I close the sleeping bag, it’s time to sleep. I have a large book of classic tales and I read 4 pages every night. When I sing “A Sweet Song” to her, she knows it’s almost bedtime. I like this moment, to put him to sleep.

Why did you want to talk about your endometriosis?

I felt a little lonely. We believe we are the only one affected. For 10 years, journalists were very insistent on knowing when you were going to have a baby. It hurt me. One day, Badri took the lead by telling a journalist: “Stop, because Laetitia has endometriosis! And I took over. It was in 2013. We received a multitude of letters. Many women suffer more than me and in silence. I was touched. 3 to 6 million women are concerned in France. The EndoFrance * association needed someone to talk about it and help find solutions. Because Lyana is there, I fight even harder to find solutions. All of these women don’t necessarily want to have a child, but they don’t want to suffer anymore. It going !

(*) Laëtitia Milot has been the Godmother of the EndoFrance association since 2014.

Have you considered adopting a child?

Adoption, IVF, … we considered it, yes. But we gave each other time. I must have felt it… I also said to one of your colleagues from Téléstar in January 2017: “I will get pregnant this year”. Lyana is a gift from heaven!

Interview on September 13, 2018

  • Laetitia Milot is the Ambassador of ‘Harmonie’, the new range of diapers and wipes with ingredients of plant origin from Pampers.
  • His latest book “My key to happiness”, published by First, was released in mid-October 2018
  • Soon on the screen in the film “A baby for Christmas”, broadcast at the end of the year on TF1.


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