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Do you regularly go to the playgrounds with your tribe?

Less today, because we live in the suburbs in a house with a garden. But before, we lived in Paris, and it was the only place to find a tree! Gaspard is 2 and a half years old, and he loves squares. He is too happy to find his friends there around a toboggan. And I like it, because they are places conducive to conversation. 

What do they like to play?

Gaspard’s obsession is cars. A real little guy! But we also both play market. We laugh a lot ! 

How would you react if a child jostled him in the square?

It’s already arrived. Gaspard is very sociable. But one day a little girl pushed him and he didn’t understand. It was his first encounter with violence. Seeing his innocent gaze turn into a giant question mark was horrible. This scene overwhelmed me. 

Is he a boisterous boy, or a wise man? 

Gaspard is a daredevil, but I try not to overprotect him. I pretend to make him responsible and teach him things that he enjoys, like making coffee in the machine or stirring my mayonnaise. He also takes his little brother on his knees and thinks he is giving him the bottle, while I am the one who holds him! 

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Exactly, how did he take the arrival of his little brother, Félix, born last May?

He was relieved to see that it was a toddler and that he was not going to take his toys. But the last few months of pregnancy were a bit complicated. When Gaspard saw my round belly, he listed everything in the house, saying “to me, not to the baby!” »On my return from the maternity ward, I entrusted Felix to my mother and I went shopping with Gaspard and his dad, to have a moment just with him. 

Felix is ​​only a few months old, how is he?

He’s super cool. Cute as a heart. I am very happy. At first, he had two bottles a night, it was a bit tiring, but he quickly fell asleep again… I’m lucky: my children are great. I hope I have something to do with it! 

Why did you choose Gaspard and Félix as their first names?

Gaspard has always been a first name that I liked. I find it suitable for children as well as adults. For Felix, the choice was less obvious. But I have a great little cousin with that first name, that decided me. Initially, I expected a girl. I was thinking about a female name.

Every morning, leaving Félix to host La Maison des Maternelles must be heartbreaking … 

Yes, because the morning is a special time. It’s hard not to wake him up and not smell his little smell! In addition, I am very “cuddly”. But I make up for it on weekends! 

Interview by Ann-Patricia Pitois

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