Internet: kui kaugele minna oma lapse jälgimisega?


How to explain the desire to watch your child when surfing the Internet?

If parents are doing a sort of “surveillance arms race” on the Net, it is primarily because of pedophilia. They feel guilty about letting their children play quietly on the Internet and are especially very worried about what might happen. By installing parental controls and checking the comings and goings of your toddler on the Net, you try to prove to others that you are not lax and that you do not let your child do anything.

Is supervising your child a violation of his privacy?

Before 12/13 years, monitoring the activity of his child on the Internet does not constitute a violation of his privacy. Young people talk to their parents, want them to see what they are doing, tell them their little secrets. The social network Facebook is banned at least 13 years old for example, but studies show that a large proportion of CM1 / CM2 are registered there. These children almost always ask their parents as friends, which proves that they have nothing to hide from them, that they have not integrated the notion of confidentiality. They leave their parents free access to their private life.

How to give them freedom without endangering them?

For children, the real world and the virtual world are very close. The Internet will reveal a way of being for them. If a kid does something stupid in reality, he will tend to endanger himself on the Net, by going on chats or talking to strangers. To avoid this, parents must adopt explanatory behavior and warn their child. They must also put in place effective parental controls to block access to certain sites.

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How to react if his child falls on a pornographic site?

If while surfing on his child’s computer, we discover that he has come across pornographic sites, there is no need to panic. It is true that parents are the least well placed to talk about pornography because they are embarrassed at the idea of ​​their child finding out about sex. However, there is no point in banning or demonizing sex by saying things like “it’s dirty”. Parents should trust each other and try to explain sexuality calmly. They are especially there to make sure that their child does not have the wrong idea of ​​the sex.

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