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Tutvustage beebile väikseid majapidamistöid

Involving your baby in household chores is possible. Indeed, your little one is able to take on certain responsibilities. For example, as soon as he walks, do not hesitate to encourage him to put his toys away in the bin once he is no longer using them. Above all, praise him to encourage him, he will feel valued. Around the age of 2, your child carefully observes those around him and copies the gestures of those close to him: this is the period of imitation. He reproduces the situations he sees around him. Children, girls and boys, love to play with the broom or vacuum cleaner. If it is only a game at the start, it allows him to assimilate these concrete situations that he witnesses. At this age, your child will therefore be able to give you a little helping hand when you get back from the supermarket to tidy up groceries or take your purchases out of the tote bags. Besides, he may be the first to take this initiative. Don’t worry: he can do it! It is a mission of trust that you give him, and he is firmly determined not to disappoint you. If he is entrusted with a “great” job, he must react “like a great”. Once again, he will feel valued. Of course, there was no question of letting him store the eggs, or the glass bottles. He would risk hurting himself or turning the kitchen into a battlefield. Throughout his experiences, your child will quickly memorize the place of pasta, milk, etc. a wonderful awakening exercise for your baby, but also a moment of complicity to share with him. This type of activity allows him little by little to develop his autonomy and, why not, to understand that “work” and pleasure go hand in hand. Besides, don’t hesitate to put on some music and dance when you tidy up together. This gentle learning will prevent him from equating any small chore with punishment.

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Household: at 3 years old, your child becomes a real assistant

From 3 years old, you can ask your child for help to tidy up his room, provided that the boxes and shelves are at his height. As soon as he undresses, also teach him to put his clothes in the dirty or to put his shoes in the closet, for example. Before going out, he can also hang his coat on the coat rack, if it is within reach. For the table, he is able to bring his plate and his plastic cup on the table or help you bring the bread, the bottle of water … At this stage, you can also share good times in the kitchen and make your child a little budding chef. By making a cake with you, he will have the impression that thanks to him, the family can eat! It can also help you take the laundry out of the washing machine and hang small items such as socks or underwear on the dryer. Over the months, do not hesitate to give him more and more responsibilities. This will teach him to organize his time and acquire new skills. And remember, this learning takes years. It is therefore better to do it well before adolescence.

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