Help, I don’t like the mistress


See jääb õpetaja külge kinni!

Your child has just returned to school. It’s a pivotal year: away from you, your little one will wake up a little more to the world, enrich their means of expression and discover new activities. The problem is that the contact does not pass with the mistress. You are aware that your feelings are totally subjective but despite everything, you have the impression that the collaboration will be difficult between this woman and you. Point by point, we help you overcome your apprehensions.

“She moans all the time”

These sentences are punctuated with “If we had more means”, “sorry, there is no place for a nap” … It is sure that there is better as a starting point. At the same time, it shows that she wants to get involved and that she would like to do lots of things with the children.

“She is not very talkative”

Give her time to take her marks, it is normal that at the beginning of the year she does not shower you with information and details about your offspring. Besides, she may never do it. Which doesn’t make her a bad teacher.

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“She avoids me”

Stop the paranoid! Why would the mistress avoid you? It’s the start of the year, she has to get to know each parent. Patience.

“When I asked her how things were going with my child, she told me make an appointment! “

It’s a good sign that she prefers to talk to you about your child face to face rather than on the corner of the desk. Obviously, she takes her job to heart.

“She does not get along with the other instits”

It is the noise that circulates in the school. A word of advice: don’t listen to rumors, they are usually unfounded.

“I cannot enter the classroom in the morning”

It is true that the reception is usually held in the class, except for latecomers. Perhaps for organizational reasons, your mistress prefers not to let the parents in. Do not hesitate to ask him the reasons for this choice. After that, you no longer have any reason to stay in class for long.

“She said:” the soft toys, it’s over “”

Obviously the formula is clumsy. She probably meant that your child is no longer a baby and that it is time for him to separate from his blanket (at least during the day).

“My child doesn’t like it”

Since the start of the school year, he has complained about his teacher. Even if you don’t think so less, you don’t need to hammer home the point and tell her that you don’t like her too. Ask him about his reasons. Do not hesitate to tell him that he does exciting things with his mistress. If the discomfort persists, suggest a meeting with the teacher in the presence of your child.

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