On Sunday February 2, 2014, a new edition of the “Manif pour tous” will take place in Paris and Lyon with, as a common thread, the defense of the family, the rejection of homoparentality and the denunciation of the theory of gender. The question of gender has given rise to an unprecedented and rather surrealist movement since on January 27, at the call of a collective hitherto unknown, “the Day of withdrawal from school”, parents decided to boycott the school. school and keep their children at home. Return on this episode as strange as worrying.

January 27, 2014, parents boycott the school of the Republic


The initiative surprised, as it came out of nowhere. On January 27, 2014, all over France, parents refused to send their children to school. A movement far from being massive, around a hundred schools concerned, but scattered throughout the country. These parents followed the call for a boycott launched by the collective “Day of withdrawal from school” (JRE). Most of them received an SMS (opposite, on the France Tv Info website) the day before or a few days earlier, the content of which seems a priori to be a joke but which really frightened these families. : “The choice is simple, either we accept the” theory of gender “(they will teach our children that they are not born girl or boy but that they choose to become it !!! Not to mention sex education) planned for kindergarten at the start of the 2014 school year with demonstration and training in masturbation from the nursery or the daycare center …), or we defend the future of our children. The Muslim community seems to have been particularly targeted by these messages. “Parents quickly realized the enormity of the discourse but it nevertheless had a real impact on certain communities”, deplores Paul Raoult, president of the FCPE.. Before discussing the threats received by email: “in the mode” You shut up, we know what you are doing “, suggesting that these people are aware of everything and ready to react”. 

Gender theory: amalgamation in the program


The “Day of withdrawal from school” rebels against the supposed will of the government to introduce the theory of gender in French schools. It specifically targets the “ABCD for equality” program, which is currently being tested in 600 establishments. This system intends to fight against “girl-boy inequalities”. Here is an explanation on the government portal: ” Transmitting the values ​​of equality and respect between girls and boys, women and men, is one of the school’s essential missions. However, inequalities in academic success, guidance and professional career remain between the two sexes.. The ambition of the ABCD equality program is to fight against them by acting on the representations of the pupils and the practices of those involved in education ”. Further on, it is also written: “It is a question of making children aware of the limits which they set for themselves, of the too common phenomena of self-censorship, of giving them self-confidence, of teaching them to grow in the environment. respect for others. For the Ministry of Education, the objective is to strengthen education in mutual respect and equality between girls and boys, women and men, and the commitment to a stronger mix. training courses and at all levels of study. The volunteer teachers were first trained to make them aware that even unconsciously, they could lock children into gender stereotypes. For the past few days, school children participating in this program have in turn been introduced to these questions through “fun” workshops adapted to their age. There is no question of sexuality but of princesses and knights, of trades or activities considered as feminine or masculine, of clothing fashions throughout history. For the collective of the “Day of withdrawal from school”, the ABCD constitute a Trojan horse which will allow the theories of the genre to invest the school.. Gender theories which mark for this collective the end of sexual identity, the decadence of the modern world and the disappearance of the family. At least. Vincent Peillon assured that he was not at all favorable to the theory of gender and that it was not what it was about with the ABCD of equality. It was certainly a mistake on the part of the minister. Because not only “the” theory of gender does not mean anything (there are “studies” on the question of gender, read the explanations of Anne Emmanuelle Berger on this subject), but in addition the work on gender has as its object the analysis between gender identity and the social stereotypes associated with it. This is what we are talking about with ABCDs. On the other hand, this program does not talk about sexuality, let alone initiation into sexuality or homosexuality.

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For the militant parents of the JRE, the cause is heard, the French school is in the pay of associations for the defense of gays and lesbians, it intends to educate children in sexuality from an early age, to indoctrinate and pervert them. In reaction, these parents therefore decided that from now on, once a month, they would boycott a school day. We would have liked to know if the National Council of the JRE castigated the ABCDs simply because they would constitute a cover-up of gender theories, or if it considers that the fight against sexist stereotypes is dangerous as such. The National Council of the JRE did not wish to answer us, nor any of the 59 local committees solicited by email. 

What Farida Belghoul says


At the origin of the Day of withdrawal from school, a woman, Farida Belghoul, writer, filmmaker, figure of the March of the Beurs of 1984. Her movement is part of the vast constellation of very conservative family associations, training courses fundamentalists and / or extreme right. In a press release available for consultation on, Farida Belghoul urges her supporters to contact representatives of Manif pour Tous, of the association Egalité et Réconciliation (whose president is Alain Soral), of Printemps Français, of Action Française, etc. ideological background is therefore completely clear. In the texts available on the official website of the JRE, Farida Belghoul’s speech has the appearance of reason and moderation. In places where she answers the questions of a “coach” specializing in family education (which she also practices), Farida Belghoul develops an abundant and nebulous subject close to the gloubi boulga, which draws at the same time from the theories of the conspiracy (Masonic), the millenarianism and the “declinism”, which centers on a great alliance between Muslims and Catholics and which s attack with constancy on the spirit of the Enlightenment.

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Small anthology of his thoughts, because nothing beats the original to fully understand what it is about:

“Dark forces precipitate the end of the cycle and we need an enlightened elite”

“The Enlightenment cannot win since by definition they do not take eternity as their future. After taking away our gods, our parents, our school teachers, our attachment to heaven, they want to take away our sexual identity '.

« The Islamic-Catholic alliance is the only one that can make us win '.

“Under the impact of the Enlightenment and masonry, the world has changed. France today has religions other than Catholicism. We have to sort it out because what we have today on the menu of spirituality is unfortunate ”.

“There will be no country where we can flee. When France has sunk with the theory of gender, the Maghreb countries will in turn sink. “

“These people do not limit themselves like Descartes to imagining that man is only matter. We are dealing with a diabolical holiness in the sense of a perfection of the soul, which knows the existence of the soul and the spirit ”.

“Men must once again become our protectors, warriors, pious men who have a sense of sacrifice. The man must once again become the guide of the family, the head of the family. It is a disaster that women have become heads of families. Any woman head of a family loses her half or even three quarters. Man is not superior to woman, he is prior to her. This anteriority gives him additional duties. The woman is contained in the man, the man must recover his prerogatives and his power over everything. “

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We can choose to laugh about it. Or not.

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