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Learn first aid skills

Who to call for accidents at home or away? In what situations should you contact the emergency services? What to do while waiting for their arrival? Small recap. 

Ettevaatust: certain actions can only be performed correctly if you have followed first aid training. Do not practice mouth-to-mouth or cardiac massage if you do not master the technique.

Your child has broken or sprained his arm

Notify the SAMU (15) or take him to the emergency room. Immobilize his arm to avoid making the injury worse. Hold it against his chest with a scarf tied behind the neck. If it is his leg, do not move it and wait for help to arrive.

His ankle is swollen, painful…? Everything indicates a sprain. To reduce swelling, immediately put ice in a cloth. Apply it on the joint for 5 minutes. See a doctor. If in doubt between a sprain and a fracture (they are not always easy to recognize), do not apply ice.

He cut himself

The wound is of small size if the bleeding is weak, if there are no pieces of glass, if it is not located near the eye or the genitals … water (10 to 25 ° C) on the wound for 5 minutes to stop the bleeding. In order to avoid complications. Wash the wound with soap and water or an alcohol-free antiseptic. Then put on a bandage. Do not use cotton, it will fray on the wound.

If the bleeding is very heavy and there is nothing in the wound: Lay your child down and press the wound with a clean cloth for 5 minutes. Then make a compression bandage (sterile compress held by a Velpeau band). Be careful not to over tighten anyway.

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Certain areas of the body (skull, lips, etc.) bleed profusely, but this is not necessarily a sign of a major injury. In this case, apply an ice pack to the wound for about ten minutes.

Has your child stuck an object in his hand? Call the SAMU. And above all, do not touch the wound.

He was bitten or scratched by an animal

Whether it’s his doggie or a wild animal, the gestures are the same. Disinfect the wound with soap and water, or an alcohol-free antiseptic. Let the wound air dry for a few minutes. Apply a sterile compress held by a Velpeau band or bandage. Show the bite to a doctor. Check that his anti-tetanus vaccination is up to date. Watch for swelling… which is a sign of infection. Call 15 if the injury is significant.

He was stung by a wasp

Remove the stinger with your fingernails or tweezers previously passed in alcohol at 70 °. Disinfect the wound with an uncolored antiseptic. Call the SAMU if your child has an allergic reaction, if he has been stung several times or if the sting is localized in the mouth.


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