Elsa Fayer

Elsa Fayer, mother of twins

Elsa Fayer did not expect to have a twin pregnancy. And yet, the attractive thirty-something gave birth to twins. In full light with his show “Who wants to marry my son?” “, The presenter tells about her daily life as a doubly fulfilled mother.

September 2010: Elsa Fayer gives birth to twins. Three months after the birth of Liv and Emy, the presenter of TF1 goes back to her memories of pregnancy for Infobébé …

How did you receive the news of a twin pregnancy?

We don’t expect it at all. I never imagined that could happen to me. I took my time for this second pregnancy, especially to announce it. I thought to myself: does anyone adore me up there to send me two babies?

The gynecologist is a friend of the family and he wasn’t sure how to tell me. He took a few tweezers, but I felt like a sixth sense at that point. I told him “don’t tell me there are two”. Before he even broke the news to me, I knew it. Then I was seized with a big fit of giggles. Either way, it’s a very nice gift.

How did you prepare for the arrival of the twins?

I didn’t talk about it for a while. There was a small reserve. I didn’t want to rejoice too quickly, to get carried away. I waited for things to be confirmed. I started to think about it in the 5th month.

Doctors advise you to rest. We are in a somewhat alarming context. Anyway, I didn’t want to blog. For my first pregnancy, I did not want to know the sex of the baby. I have a sort of modesty towards the inner world. I am not very curious during pregnancy. I’m trying to get by on my own. On the other hand, it was difficult to keep your head above water with the nausea.

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Tell us an anecdote about your pregnancy

My older daughter was on a trip with her dad during the February vacation. I had a lot of nausea. For her, I had gastro. She said to me “Mom, it’s not normal that you have had gastro for three and a half months”.

She also told me that she had a dream in which I told her that I was pregnant. How children feel these things …

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