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Digital mums swim in happiness… or almost!

Moms have taken to the web. Their blogs, Instagram accounts, creations on Pinterest and videos on Youtube are multiplying endlessly. But just because we’re a mother doesn’t mean we’re all the same! On the Internet as elsewhere, there are very different styles. At the moment, two major trends clash. On the one hand, the “happy mamas” who stage themselves and their children in a perfect universe to make you green with envy. On the other hand, mothers who reject this idealized image of motherhood and show, often with humor, what is really going on in their daily life. The good times and the bad times …

Being a mother is nirvana

Do you remember the hit “Happy” by Pharrell Williams? Well, her cheerful and optimistic apology for happiness has won over the many moms who share every moment of their ideal motherhood on the web. “Perfectlyhappymum” “,” a happy mum.com “,” Be happy mum.com “,” happymumhappychild “,” happybaby “” happyfamily “… We could not be clearer! These “happy mothers” (we do not say mothers) reveal themselves and exist for and through their children. The key to their happiness is to take care of their dear blond heads (or brunettes) with passion, while achieving the feat of being beautiful, slim, professionally accomplished, of having a host of wonderful friends. , a dashing husband and a life filled with fulfilling personal hobbies. The family photos are aesthetic, stylish and well framed, the decor is trendy, everyone is super stylish, in short, everything is for the best in the wonderful world of happy mamas. One of the most beautiful examples of this “ideal mother” movement is Julia Restoin Roitfeld’s blog, “Romy and the Bunnies”, which tells us in photos of the enchanted daily life of her little girl and her fashionista friends. That of Jess Dempsey, (www.whatwouldkarldo.com), another fashion guru, who presents herself as “a mother who trusts her maternal instinct”, takes the stage with her two boys, Aston, 4 years old, and Will, 4 months old, in settings worthy of high-end magazines. As for the Instagram page of Sarah Stage, “https: //instagram.com/sarahstage”, the famous American model who had caused a huge buzz by exposing her still muscular abs at 8 and a half months of pregnancy, she has plenty to do envy all mothers who have just given birth and who have not, like her, instantly found a top model line …

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Happiness and more happiness until saturation

The Instagram accounts “Liliinthemoon” and “mamawatters” make us dream with their magnificent photos of magnificent children in magnificent landscapes and houses! Everything is impeccably white, clean, chic, design and aesthetic! Mothers who know how to do everything to perfection also shine through tutorials. If your little girl loves braids, then check out the “Cute Girls Hairstyles” blog, hosted by Mindy McKnight, an American mother who heads a tribe of six children. She lists all possible and imaginable braids, Minnie ears, bows, crowns, hearts, cat ears, updos … More than 1,6 million subscribers follow her tutorials which feature her Brooklyn and Bailey twins. As a bonus, there is even a section dedicated to dads. If you’re more into the kitchen, you’re going to be a fan of Samantha Lee’s Instagram account, which she called “My world is fool of fun”. She cooks there dishes that tell a story, her characters are vegetables, fruits, fish, etc., in short, a pure aesthetic marvel… The “Happy at any price” trend can be found on vlogs. The “Shaytards”, Shay Carl, his wife and five of their children have become one of the most famous families on YouTube. These passionate vloggers filmed the birth of two of their children and the dynamics of their family, it’s all positive! In their videos, everyone adores and hugs each other, every moment of their life is filled with good feelings, and love solves all problems! Other star Youtubers, the “SacconeJolys”. Anna and Jofee are the beautiful parents of two adorable babies, Eduardo and Emilia, and their videos show us how they are raising their beautiful children in a wonderful way. So cute!

The bloggers, vloggers, instagramers you will hear about!

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    Amanda Watters


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    Julia Restoin Roitfeld


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    Sarah Internship


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    Cuddly family


  • /

    Marjolie mom


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    Angelique Marquise des Langes

    Angelique Marquise des Langes 2.0

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    Pep’s Mother


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    Serial mother


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    Catamaman (Welcome aboard the mothership)


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    Charline (Say hello to the lady)


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    Cynthia (Maman Nougatine)


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    Mom4 (Mom power 4)


Fed up with perfect mothers

Unlike the American “happy mamas” who proclaim themselves champions of absolute happiness, French blogger, Instagrammers and Youtubers moms are also in search of happiness, but in a different, more humble, less ostentatious way. This trend is not new. We remember the “bad moms” and other “scarry mommies” of the 2010s who shared their moods in blogs with revealing names: “Mèrepasparfaiteetalors.fr”, “la-parfait-bad-mère” “Mèrepasparfaite” “,” Mèreindigne.com “,” latrèsmauvaisemère “. These bad mothers and proud of it rebelled against the image of a necessarily fulfilling motherhood, claimed that some days we no longer succeed, referred to returning to work as a blessed day, argued that pregnancy is is zero, and categorically refused to sacrifice everything for their children. Having become less excessive today, “happy but nonetheless realistic mothers” regularly take live photos of what they share with their children, without trying to embellish at all costs. This objectivity allows them to open their eyes to the little ordinary daily pleasures, fleeting emotions, the little things that give pleasure and which put the sun in the days of work / children / sleep. DIY enthusiasts (Do It Yourself) generously share their know-how, their sense of cocooning and their creativity on Pinterest and in sewing, knitting, crochet, scrapbooking and small decoration blogs. “Prune et Violette”, “Mercotte”, “Une poule à petit pas”, for example, are a hit.

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Tips to facilitate the “real” daily life

Created by Céline in October 2008 on the arrival of her second child, the “Augustin et Augustine” blog has become over time a very “carpe diem” “lifestyle” blog. In her endearing blog, “Mes doudoux et compagnie”, Anabel talks about her family life and tells about the sweet side and the spicy side of mother’s life. The photos of “Marjoliemaman”, “Merci pour le chocolat”, “Natachabirds”, “rockand mum”, “Belle mam” show in all simplicity the pretty cool things of every day, that we do not necessarily notice, and yet are the spice of life. Sandrine’s blog “Miamm mum cooks” shares her tips as a mom to a large family, working full time. Her recipes are easy, quick and delicious to make life easier for all other busy moms. Julie, alias Hysterikmum is the mother of the Dictator (5 years) and the Empress (1 year) and the companion of Machoman. In her friendly blog “hysterikfamily.com”, she tells about the highlights of her tribe and gives her tips to improve her daily life.

Those who make the choice of self-mockery

Their credo is that you can be both a fulfilled mother and on the verge of a nervous breakdown, alternating moments of discouragement and joy. Our blogger Jessica Cymerman, alias “Serial mother” is one of the stars of this humorous movement. She shares her crushes, rants, bloodstrokes, kicks, sunburns, slack strokes (!), Head shots, nudges and love at first sight. His funny humor posts have even become bestselling books. The Wonder Mum Serena Giuliano Laktaf, who defines her blog “wondermumenaraslacape.com” as the blog of an imperfect mother, who has two perfect children … or almost, tells with a lot of humor and in very funny illustrations, the 400 strokes of Driss and Aarès. The YouTuber Angélique Grimberg, mother of Hugo, 4 years old, has become Angie, the Marquise des Langes. You can find every Wednesday on our Parents.fr portal one of his cheeky and funny e-slices of life. For our greatest pleasure, the Marquise des Langes draws her inspiration from the remarks of her son, a constant collaborator, and from her daily life as a marriage and family counselor in a Lyon hospital. As for Héloïse, she created the blog “It’s a mum life”. Her drawings illustrate with humor small moments of her daily life as an exiled mother in England with Mat, her husband, Ezra and William, her two boys. If we go up a notch above in the annoyance, we find more radical reactions that take the exact opposite of the “Happy mamas” movement. Today, the anti “happy mamas” have created the tumblr “mother i’d like to kill” (MILK). It is a compilation that gently mocks all the posts of ultra-motherhood, mothers “beside the mark” who dream of breastfeeding their child until its 8 years old, and tell their Facebook friends everything that makes their marvelous “boutchou”: his third pee of the day, his difficulty in doing his rototo, his regurgitation on mom’s brand new sweater, his episodes of constipation or diarrhea (with descriptions of color, consistency and smell…). There are also the creepy photos of a one year old baby smoking a cigarette or another made up like a clone of his crazy mom. Another find: the Instagram account “Women in Real Life”. We see photos of failed birthday cakes, crying kids, devastated living rooms, spilled mash, snotty noses… Real life, what!

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