Daddy’s words: “You know you’re a daddy (on vacation) when …”

– You are proud to have finally arrived at school on time today. Too bad it’s the holidays.

– You get up at 4 am to stop off with all the other dads on the highway.

– You say things like “Look at the landscape how beautiful it is”.

– You have already drawn the threat of Santa Claus. 2 times. In 200 km.

– You have already given a whole wagon a good reason not to prefer the train.

– YouTube no longer suggests anything to you except Henri DÃ ©.

– Yes you watch, yes you watch, YES YOU LOOK.

-  You know if you hear them laughing it’s probably dangerous.

– at the beach, you have already noticed that you were not watching the right child.

– You don’t have a favorite child, but the one who got up at 10 a.m. scored points.

– Would you like to know how we can hate “pieces” and eat pebbles ???

– You would like to talk about the taboo of the “belly” load of dads forced to eat their 3 desserts

– You dream of the biggest blow of the transfer window: the transfer of your children to FC Grand Parents.

– But you know that every day spent with them will cost you a week of rehabilitation.


– Your car doesn’t smell of vomit. It’s the vomit that smells of your car.

– You can’t wait for the holidays to end to rest.

– You would like to know who will hold YOUR hand for the start of the school year.


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