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Isa-beebi suhe: 4 võimalust sideme loomiseks

Baby daddy massager

kommentaar soothe crying of your child? Find your area of ​​specialty and become a pro of the “Zen” genre. Massage, for example, allows you to establish a real dialogue with your child. From birth, start with light caresses and soothing on their hands, arms, legs or feet. Massage the belly for soothe his digestion. A technique that releases stress and relieves colic. To know everything about the areas to massage and the right movements, build your bibliography: Massages pour mon bébé,, by Sylviane Deymié, ed. Hachette Famille, Massages for babies, Danielle Belforti, Kyran Vyas, ed. Marabout Family, or Masser bébé, Rachel Izsak, ed. Youth. And you will see, calming her baby when he cries or shows discomfort, it’s not that complicated! You will quickly be at ease.  

Talking to a baby to strengthen the bond

Already, in utero, your little one has become accustomed to the sound of your voice! Now that he’s by your side, talk to him as often as possible, even if you don’t think he understands your language. However, you can imitate his babbling to make him laugh and explain, step by step, your intentions, your education choices and your kindness to him. By the way, which father are you going to be with your child? Authoritarian dad, or accomplice? Or as is often the case, both at the same time! Also review your repertoire of nursery rhymes and songs, and don’t skimp on the evening’s “little story”. He will love it! 

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Share an activity with your baby

Are you a sporty dad? Share your passion with your child as soon as he is old enough to play a sport. For example, many municipal swimming pools offer sessions for baby swimmers from 4 to 6 months old. In water heated to over 30 ° C, you paddle with your child who (re) discovers aquatic sensations. Another option: some models of strollers, such as the Longboardstroller from the Quinny brand, are equipped with a skateboard platform. If you like them cadenced walks, you can also install it in a seat suitable for your bike (from 1 year and over) and, of course, equipped with a protective helmet in its size.   

A reassuring ritual to soothe baby

Does the mother prefer to manage the meals or the toilet of your child? You too, choose your privileged moment. This will allow you to create a reassuring ritual such as the evening story, the morning bottle or the bath with all the toys. On the other hand, it is important to set yourself a daily discipline for do not miss the appointment. This would risk breaking the “chain of trust” and disrupting the ritual that connects you to your little one.  

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