Christmas present: help, I don’t have THE right one!

Christmas Gift 2015: What if I can’t find the right toy?

New Years Eve is approaching and you are afraid that you will not find all the Jõulukinke who are on your children’s list. Rest assured, each year, parents are confronted with this problem. Especially since some very fashionable toys are quickly out of stock. Don’t panic, there are always solutions. Discover the testimonies of mom who, thanks to their tenacity, passed next to hell.

I had to pay a high price

“Children sometimes have incredible demands in the field of Jõulukinke. Two years ago my son, like pretty much every little boy, wanted the blue Star Wars sword. Obi Wan’s and not another! The only one that I found by approaching all the known stores in Paris / Paris region, it is the sword koguja for the modest sum of 350 euros! At that price, I was especially afraid that the laser would really work! Fortunately, my sister lives in Caen, a bastion that still resisted the invading Star Wars, and it was she who took charge of the coveted gift ”. Married

I customized a DS myself

“The product that broke last year was the Nintendo DS Lite Pink. Pink is important! Because if all Nintendo DS Lite have the same function, pink associates you with a very distinct tribe: the little girls who receive their first console. And as of November 26, there were no longer any on the shelves. Order on the Internet, promise of delivery, waiting list… I tried everything and nothing worked. I ended up buying the white one with some gorgeous glitter stickers. Fortunately, my daughter admitted that a “custom” DS Lite was even cooler than a rose. But she still often eyeing that of her friends! Sarah

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I crossed the Channel

” The game Nintendogs was part of Jõulukinke that my daughter wanted above all else. And since I am an organized mother, I saw fit to go looking for her on December 15th. I heard the mocking remarks of salespeople who hadn’t had any for “at least three weeks” and who probably wouldn’t have any for “at least three weeks”. The drama ! Fortunately my husband brought it to me from London. It’s in English, my daughter was a little terrified. But eventually she trains dogs in Shakespeare’s language. Sit! Lie down! Gently, gently! »Catherine

I bribed a salesman

“At 2 years old, Valentin swore by the characters of Toy Story. It’s very simple, his first words were “woody” and “buzz”. Quite naturally he had ordered them for Christmas. They were nowhere to be found! Toy stores, Disney Store on the Champs-Élysées, and even at Disneyland. My husband went there on a scooter in 0 ° C even though we live on the opposite side. Finally I tried my luck on e-bay and I found… I fought like a tigress for a set of 6 Toy Story Happy Meal characters from MacDonald! The seller must have made the best deal ever with me, but I won the auction. »Nathalie

I put this on Santa’s back

“My mother ordered Power Ranger costumes for my two boys from the neighborhood toy store in Spain. But since the saleswoman was not very reliable, we ended up with a princess costume and a dancer. No matter How long we explained that Santa Claus had made a small mistake, which we were going to fix quickly, I think that’s where the eldest, 6 years old at the time, stopped believing in it! Sylvie

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I found a fallback

“I saw the Petshop Menagerie on the shelf, but as I was very busy, I didn’t take it right away. Evil took me. Impossible after to find this Christmas present. Even in the provinces, I tried everything… Failing that, I found in a small stationery of Collector’s Petshops that Rosalie found at the foot of the tree accompanied by a letter from Santa Claus. He explained to her that he was sorry not to have brought the Menagerie, but that he would make up for it in January. In the meantime he was giving her some very rare Petshops that she could show to her comrades. She was delighted. I know she kept the letter. »Valerie

It was granny who made a mistake


“For Christmas last year, Simon marked the DVD ‘Lego Bionicle Rahkshi Mata Nua’ on his list. I was not very careful and it was her grandmother who inherited this particularly hilarious gift for her. Suddenly Simon had “Rémi sans famille”, a less technological hero but still appreciated by children, if I can believe the enthusiasm that my son has for this film today… once the first disappointment has passed. »Caroline

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