Šokolaad, mida pühade ajal nautida

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    Real truffles

    This elegant box contains real chocolate truffles. Their secret? A crunchy texture and a melting heart.

    DeNeuville, 19,90 euros for 60 g

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    The sparkling balls

    Extra dark chocolate in a real case that hangs on the tree to decorate before being tasted! 

    L’Atelier du chocolat, 36 euros for 300 g

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    Ferrero Golden Gallery

    For the holidays, 7 varieties – including 2 new ones, are gathered in a unique box! Something to satisfy the tastes of the whole family with flavors as varied as chocolate.

    Ferrero, from 4 euros to 99 euros (boxes of 14,99 to 13 pieces)

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    Chocolate fir balls

    No Christmas without chocolate for children! This is enough to satisfy their little taste buds and decorate their favorite tree. 

    Jeff de Bruges, 6,85 euros for 75 g 

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    The fantastic hood

    Santa Claus arrives early with his chocolate hood (dark or milk)! The most greedy can even devour the little red and white man who is in marzipan.

    To the mother of a family, 48 euros a piece

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    This year, for Christmas, the Lindor range is welcoming new little caramel fillings. No doubt, chocolate lovers will not resist it.

    Lindt, 7,99 euros for 337 g

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    Väikesed maiustused

    Lindt offers a retro Christmas with these chocolates that revisit the sweets of our childhood. On the menu: more than tender flavors that make us fall in love!

    Lindt, 11,99 euros per box of 332 g

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    Christmas balls with chocolate flavors

    A little news at Leonidas this year: the apple-caramel ball coated with chocolate. It is presented in a beautiful Christmas tree box that catches the eye and whets the appetite!

    Leonidas, 12 euros for 250 g

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    My rock to me!

    My authentic Suchard rock is invited in a special Christmas box. And it can do more than just treat with a little phone number tucked away inside every box. Once composed, it can have a real surprise in store for you!

    Suchard, 5,99 euros for the box of 6 rocks

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    Marshmallow rock

    The little marshmallow teddy bear turns into a rock so that the older ones also have the right to their moment of tenderness at Christmas. 

    Cémoi, 2,99 euros for 110 g

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