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Located in the heart of Savoy, near the mountains and Lake Bourget, the Challes-les-Eaux thermal spa offers curists an intimate space for fitness in a 100% natural setting. By choosing this destination, you will also have the opportunity to discover the architectural riches of Chambéry.

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The 3 treatments to share with Baby, Dad and Mum. Not to mention its price: one of the lowest among all mother-baby cures.


The “specific post-natal” treatment of Challes-les-Eaux offers, in addition to a 3-week gynecological treatment, treatments spread over 6 days:

1 “mom-baby” hydro massage bath

1 draining jet shower for light and toned legs.

3 post-natal gymnastics sessions to re-tone the abdominal wall and the perineal floor (collective workshop)

1 perineal rehabilitation session provided by a midwife.

1 “mother-baby” relaxation therapy session

1 “baby massage” workshop with a physiotherapist to relax the baby with a massage adapted to his age and morphology and to learn the basic massage gestures to be reproduced at home.

1 dietetic workshop with a theme of your choice: feeding during breastfeeding, losing weight after childbirth, baby food diversification

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The Challes-les-Eaux thermal spa welcomes young mothers and their babies, from 3 months old.

On the care side, the center offers several workshops for toddlers and their parents:

1 Dad-Mum-Baby massage workshop with a physiotherapist


1 Papa-Mum-Baby relaxation and sophrology workshop

1 Papa-Baby hydromassage bath

Obviously, so as not to disturb toddlers, care is scheduled according to naps and feedings.


In order to ensure maximum serenity for mothers, during the treatments, it is possible to register Baby at the Challes daycare center, partner of the spa. The opportunity also for parents to have moments for two.

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In addition, if you choose to stay on site, childcare equipment (bottle warmer, changing table, stroller, bathtub and baby bed) is made available.

Mini Cure young mother

The thermal baths of Challes-les-Eaux also offer a 3-day mini mother-baby cure with the following treatments:


1 Bain hydromassant

1 Jet shower

1 Hammam session

1 wrap on floating bed

1 Aromatic Back Massage

1 Jet shower

1 Cellu M6 session

1 “Daddy-Baby” whirlpool bath

1 “Parents – Baby” relaxation workshop

1 Postural Gymnastics Session

1 “Learn to massage Baby” workshop with a physiotherapist

1 Diet workshop with themes to choose from: regaining weight, diversifying baby’s diet

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Prices: For a mini postnatal cure in Challes-les-Eaux, count 695 euros without accommodation for 6 days of care. The 3-day “mini cure” amounts to 378 euros without accommodation.

Note: The price includes the package for the dad. However, if the latter wishes to provide care at the same time as the mother, the center offers additional formulas.

Regarding accommodation, curists are accommodated in the attractive Savoyard chalet “A la Maison aux Iris”, located in the heart of the thermal park. For the formula with breakfast, count 350 euros for 4 nights and 613 euros for 7 nights.

Thermal baths of Challes-les-Eaux

Avenue des Thermes

73190 Challes-les-Eaux


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