Cathy Guetta: “My children are my priority”


With such a busy schedule, what’s your secret to running your life as a businesswoman and a mom?

It requires a very large organization. I am always focused on the present moment. When I work, I am in my universe, the children with the nanny. You have to know how to separate things during the day. When I find my children in the evening, I switch off the cell phone and I am entirely a mother. When they are in bed, I can get back to work.

What is the most difficult to manage?

For me, the most difficult thing is certainly not being able to say yes to everything, because I have a lot of proposals. But since I like to do things, it takes time. And my priority is above all the happiness of my children. It requires great flexibility, sometimes sleeping five hours a night …


Your husband travels a lot. Are you going with your family?

No, in general, we do not travel with the family. David lives his success, travels on his side. We were in the school vacation period the last few days so we were able to join him in Los Angeles where he records, but otherwise I stay with my children. He saw his thing. I also try to fill the daddy’s lack as much as possible, so that it is not felt. They are children. It is important that they stay in the world of childhood as long as possible.

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Your children are growing up. How do they live your fame and that of your husband?

Elvis is 7 years old and he understands. He sees that people like us. For Angie, it’s still too early, but we just explain to them why people love us. With David, we have a rule: we never sign autographs or take pictures in the presence of our children. 

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