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In Brazil, we often give birth by cesarean section

“No, but are you kidding?” You are completely crazy, you are going to be in great pain! “, cried my cousin when I told her that I was going to give birth in France, vaginally. In Brazil, caesarean section is the norm, because women think that natural childbirth is extremely painful. It’s also a real business: Brazilian women give birth in clinics, where the room and the date of delivery are reserved well in advance. The family is saving for months to pay the obstetrician. When Gisèle Bündchen, the greatest Brazilian supermodel, revealed that she had given birth at home, in her bathtub and without an epidural, it provoked strong reactions in the country. She wanted to encourage women to change and forget their prejudices. But Brazilians are too preoccupied with their physique! Especially by the state of their vagina! It has to stay intact, and husbands agree with that idea.


Brazilian moms are young

” Then ??? My family kept asking me. In Brazil, we are a young mother, So for my family, at the age of 32, childless, I was already an “old maid”, especially for my grandmother who had eighteen children. When I found out I was pregnant, everyone was very happy. Pregnancy, with us, is a party for nine months! The more you show your belly, the more beautiful you are. We even go to seamstresses to have special dresses made. But Brazil is a country of contrasts: abortion being totally prohibited, some girls have an abortion in secret, and many die from it. It is also common to hear that an infant has been abandoned. Apparently, it’s often nine months straight after the end of Carnival …

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“Pregnancy, with us, is a party for nine months!”

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The Brazilian baby must be beautiful and smell good

The “baby shower” is a well established tradition in my country. Originally, it was made to help mothers who were going to miss things at birth, but now it has become an institution. We rent a room, invite a ton of guests and order a wedding cake. The most popular gift if it’s a girl is a pair of earrings. It is tradition, and these are often pierced from birth. In the maternity ward, nurses ask mothers if they are interested.

In kindergartens, it is common to see in the regulations that makeup and nail polish are prohibited. Because little Brazilians are often dressed like young women! The Brazilian baby should look good and smell good, so he or she is washed several times a day. Moms choose only beautiful outfits and cover their babies with colorful angel nests.

In Brazil, young mothers stay in bed 40 days

“Cousin, stop working so hard, your belly will relax!” “, I was told over the phone. When Arthur was born, my family kept calling me. In Brazil, the mother or the mother-in-law stays with the young parents for 40 days. The young mother must strictly stay in bed and only get up to wash herself. She is pampered, it is the “resguardo”. They bring her chicken broths so that she will recover and not catch a cold. The dad is not really involved in the care of the baby. It is the grandmother who takes care of the little one: from diapers to the first baths, including the care of the cord.

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“Brazilian moms choose the most beautiful outfits for their babies and cover them with colorful angel nests.”

I miss the joie de vivre of Brazil!

In France, four days after giving birth, I was already vacuuming. Even though I didn’t have my family with me, I was happy. In Brazil, the young mother is considered to be sick. Me, on the other hand, I took my role of mother faster. What I miss about Brazil is the joy, the festive atmosphere, the dream that spreads around pregnancy and children. Everything here seems so serious. Even my gynecologist always looked up! 

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