Baby’s first aid kit on vacation


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To clean and disinfect

An antiseptic. After washing the wound with cold water and Marseille soap, you can disinfect it by dabbing it with a local antiseptic (Diaseptyl, septiApaisyl spray or, very practical, the ready-to-use compresses Pharmadose disinfectant antiseptic or Sterilkit) .

An antiseptic and healing ointment for small wounds, like Ialuset cream, based on hyaluronic acid, the main constituent of the skin, Homeoplasmin (from 30 months) or Cicalfate.

Füsioloogiline seerum in the event of a grain of sand in the eye or conjunctivitis. Start by pouring the contents of an entire scoop to wash the eye. Then take a tissue, moisten it with physiological serum and brush the eye from the inside to the outside, without rubbing. Finally, put a drop of antiseptic eye drops on him and see if he still has red eyes the next day.

Antiseptic eye drops in single doses in case of redness or discharge from the eye (Biocidan or Homeoptic from 1 year).

To protect it

From the sun. A sunscreen against UVA and UVB rays such as Anthélios dermo-pediatrics from La Roche Posay, Protective Spray Uriage or Ultra high protection Emulsion from Avène. Remember to renew the application every hour, even if it is playing in the shade.

Sääsed. A repellent product like Biovectrol Naturel from 3 months old, or Pyrel mosquito repellent wipes.

Dehüdratsioon. Rehydration solutions (Adiaril®, Alhydrate®, Fanolyte®, Hydrigoz®, GES 45®, Blédilait RO®), particularly useful for infants who suffer from diarrhea or heat stroke. Composed of water and minerals, they make it possible to compensate effectively for the losses of water, sodium, potassium while waiting to consult the doctor.

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To relieve it

Sunburns. Biafine or Urgodermyl burns-irritations-sunburns to be applied as soon as possible three or four times a day in thick layers.

Sääsehammustused. A cream with anti-inflammatory properties like Parfenac or soothing patches to put directly on the bite (Hansaplast or Baby Apaisyl, from 3 months). Yeast infections that proliferate in humid environments, especially on the feet, under the nails and in small folds. A sanitizing solution such as Myleusept or MycoApaisyl fluid emulsion, twice a day until the lesions have completely disappeared.

Bruises, bumps and other bruises. An arnica-based gel (Arnigel de Boiron, Arnidol stick or Cliptol Arnica crunchy mousse) or a dose of Arnica Montana 15 CH globules with anti-inflammatory and calming properties.

Small essential equipment

Sidemed. In spray (Hansaplast), special for blisters, for burns, for fingers, for cuts (Steri-strip from 3M), to facilitate healing (Urgo technology silver), decorated with his favorite heroes, etc. You have the choice !

The unavoidable. An electronic or ear thermometer to take your temperature quickly and reliably. Paracetamol in oral solution (Doliprane, Efferalgan) or in suppositories, particularly effective in children under 18 months, to fight against fever and pain. Sterile compresses for cleaning wounds and making dressings. Band-aid to hold the compress in place. Round-tipped scissors. Tweezers to remove a splinter or sting from an insect. His treatment (if he has one in progress), his health record and your vital card.

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