Anne-Gaëlle Riccio

Anne-Gaëlle Riccio, Maman zen

At 32, the sparkling Anne-Gaelle Riccio is brilliantly leading her career as a host and her role as Mom. After several seasons at Fort Boyard, the young woman embarks on new projects. The opportunity to learn a little more about her …

As soon as her show is finished, Anne-Gäelle Riccio goes to change. She has just finished recording her Zapping Music, broadcast on MCM. No frills, she emerges a few minutes later in casual clothes. After a big smile and a warm handshake, the interview can begin.

Is 30 years old the ideal age to be a mom?

There is no ideal age when you are sure of your relationship and have a good situation. I do not regret at all. Our daughter has arrived for our 10 years together. At the same time, why not earlier?

What memories do you keep of your pregnancy?

The event that struck me the most was the 2nd ultrasound, the day I learned the baby’s sex. I felt it was a boy, while it was a little girl!

How did you choose your daughter’s first name?

It was hell! For 8 months, we changed our mind. We looked for everything and nothing, and we didn’t agree. My advice: above all, do not say anything and come back to it towards the end of the pregnancy.

Finally, we opted for Thaïs. It is the name of an opera by Jules Massenet. I knew him, but I listened to him again. This piece is magnificent. It means “the link” in Greek. We haven’t changed!

Do you envision a different professional career with your new role as Mom?

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Completely ! There are things I have to think carefully about, especially projects that start very early in the morning. I would like to work on early childhood shows. It would be a pleasure ! Why not write children’s books? When you are a parent, you only talk about diapers and pediatrician.

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