Angelina Jolie ja Brad Pitt, nende tütar Shiloh 100% poisilikult

As we have known, for a long time, little Shiloh decided to dress as a boy. During the presentation of her mother’s latest film Angelina Jolie, the girl opted for a black-tie tuxedo…

If Suri Cruise hit the headlines by wearing heels from the age of 3, Shiloh, daughter of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie has chosen to dress like a boy from a young age. She also refuses to grow her hair. And his tolerant parents respect his choice.

Indeed, at 8 years old, princess outfits are not part of her wardrobe. During the presentation of her mother’s latest film, “Invincible” in Los Angeles, at the TCL Chinese Theater, on December 15, the Brangelina’s daughter did not deviate from her rule. She appeared in a black tuxedo like her two brothers and her father.

Shiloh, who wears the boyish cut beautifully, also sported an elegant black tie. I admit, I who love pretty dresses so much, I think I would have missed it terribly if I had a daughter. But isn’t the main thing the happiness of his children?


Angelina Jolie was able to admire her little family on television. Indeed, stranded at home because of chickenpox (disease more dangerous in adults than in children), the actress and director was not traveling. But her super husband was keen to support her by attending the event with Maddox, Pax, Shiloh and her parents. Note that Invincible hits theaters on January 7th.


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