A woman’s day in detail

Women’s Day: it’s March 8… and every other day!

March 8 is Women’s Day. A unique day where the fairer sex is in the spotlight and in value. That does not seem like much when you know all the efforts that it takes to be an accomplished woman. Between children, work, housework … and optionally taking care of her husband, our days are busy. Difficult indeed to find a minute for yourself, and what about solo moms? Barely awake, when we are already exhausted by the day ahead. Yes let’s say it, a woman’s day is a feat! That’s why, we should celebrate them every day!


6h45 : The alarm rings. First reflex: put your head under the duvet like a marmot, but 5 minutes later, reality catches up with us. The alarm clock rings again!

7h : After having staggered for 10 minutes in the house, we finally find ourselves in the kitchen to prepare the children’s breakfast and the baby’s bottle.

7h15 : We wake up the children. Then head to the bathroom with the baby in the deckchair to shower while they eat quietly. Not being in the morning, they are still wise at this hour!

7 35 : It is the turn of the older children to wash their clothes in the bathroom, while we dress while keeping an eye on Baby that we must also prepare for the nursery.

8h10 : Everyone is ready but Louis chose this precise moment to regurgitate his breakfast. We go to the bedroom to find a spare sweater.

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8h25 : Departure (late) for nursery and school. Let’s go for the race!

8h45 : Once you’ve got rid of the children (it’s ironic of course, though…), head for the crowded metro! What a pleasure to be tight for 40 minutes against strangers!

9h30 : Arrived at work, sweaty, after 10 minutes of well-toned walk. Without even having started to work, we are already at the end of the roll… But we have to hold out until 18 pm.

Kella 9-31. : Stressed all day to receive a call like: “your son is sick, come and get him”.

18h35 : Run to the metro.

19h25 : Arrive late for the nanny. Indeed, the contract stipulates that I must arrive at 19pm. It would be necessary to foresee the technical problems of the means of transport in the particular conditions …

19h30 : Finish the little one’s bath and ask the elders to put on their pajamas.

19h40 : Notice that there are no more leftovers from the day before in the refrigerator and start the meal.


20h00 : Dad is coming! Phew, a little respite! False joy, sir must breathe a few minutes!

20h10 : Everyone at the table ! But that’s in theory, because Julien is glued to his console. Fortunately, dad finally intervenes, (because he is hungry above all!)

20h45 : Send children to brush their teeth, then put them to bed. Check that everything is in the binder and prepare the clothes for the next day.


21h30 : Dad cleared the table but forgot to put the plates in the dishwasher. No problem, we love to do that! And then, this is not the time to disturb him, there is a match tonight. Tip: wait 22 p.m. for this task, half-time!

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22h15 : Head for the shower. Definitely the most Zen time of the day.

23h15 : Take a breather on the sofa. But realize 15 minutes later that we forgot to put the laundry in the machine.


23h50 : Watch the end of our favorite series. Yes, because at the beginning, we were taking care of the laundry. It’s too bad !

00h15 : Go to bed.

00h20 : The end of the day hug with her sweetheart for those who still have strength. Yes, the routine is bad for the couple, but when to have sex if not? Impossible to find another niche in this schedule!

00:30 või 50 (on good days and when he’s in good shape): Sleep for a few hours.

1 30 : Waking up with a start remembering that we don’t have any more potatoes to make the weekend soup. So, we will go Saturday morning after the visit to the pediatrician and before the family outing to the park.

2h15 : To be awakened with a start by the cadet. 8 months and he still does by his nights!

Back to real life in less than 5 hours. And rebelote the next day. Fortunately we have Sunday left. Error: children do not know the word “sleepovers”. Proof that the love of a woman but especially of a mother is really immeasurable. Long live Women’s Day!

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