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Home birth in practice

Give birth at home, in complete intimidation, with your midwife and of course the dad. That’s all. This idea appeals to many future mothers. To make this informed decision, you first need to know how a home birth goes.

Both future parents must be motivated and convinced. So, it is better to talk about it beforehand with the spouse, in order to consider this childbirth together. By being aware that one will perhaps be, at one time or another, still obliged to go to give birth in a maternity hospital. First thing: find near home THE liberal midwife or THE doctor who gives births at home, and who has taken out the necessary insurance. In some regions, this can be quite a feat. The most effective strategy: word of mouth… You can also contact a liberal midwife. She may refer us to one of her sisters, or a doctor, who provides home births.

To carry out this project and for this birth to take place in the best conditions, the chosen midwife must inspire total confidence, it is essential. Especially since we will not have an epidural. For her part, the professional must feel the support of the couple and listen to them.

Medical follow-up for a home birth

From the first interview, the midwife must tell the future parents all the circumstances that will make it impossible to give birth at home. It must indeed be waived in the event of twin pregnancy, breech presentation, threat of premature delivery, history of cesarean section, hypertension or diabetes of the mother. In this case, the woman and her baby need more intensive medical supervision and special care which must be given in the hospital. As in the maternity ward, the mother-to-be is entitled to a monthly consultation, lasting about an hour, and at least three ultrasounds. It is also subject to mandatory and proven screening examinations: toxoplasmosis, rubella, blood group, serum markers… On the other hand, no over-medicalization or overbidding in exams. As for the preparation for the birth, you can choose to do it with another midwife if you wish.

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The day of the home birth

We prepare everything at home. On arrival, the midwife will need a plastic mattress pad, terrycloth towels and a basin. For the rest, we don’t worry about anything. As soon as we call, she will join us with her own equipment, including monitoring to listen to the baby’s heartbeat. We are at home, so we can choose the room and the position in which we want to give birth. The midwife is at our side to support us, advise us and accompany us, while ensuring the smooth running of the birth. She can also, in the event of a complication, request our transfer to a maternity hospital. On our side, we can change our minds until the last minute.

So that childbirth can take place in continuity even in the event of complications, and guarantee our health and that of our child, the midwife has generally an agreement with a nearby maternity hospital. This is essential so that we can be received in the best conditions in case the childbirth could not finally be done at home.

The days following childbirth

It is not because we are at home that we will immediately resume our activities. The dad must plan to be at home for at least a week to “replace” us and take care of household chores. The midwife gave us her phone number, we can call her if there is a problem. She will also come to visit us every day for 3 or 4 days, then every two or three days thereafter, to make sure everything is fine, for both baby and us.

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Home birth: How long does it cost?

A home birth costs un little more expensive than giving birth in a public maternitye, but less than in the private sector. Some midwives adapt their rates to the couple’s income. In general, there are between 750 and 1200 euros for childbirth, of which 313 euros are covered by Social Security. Check with your mutual insurance company, which certainly covers the excess fees.

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